Things I love, and things I’d rather do without.

Heres lookin at yaOkay so impatiently waited for the premier of Mayans MC 01a4dac953eb3dab2f60f6793606b30eon FX. In reality the new season, just does not match the hype, at least yet. For a show that’s supposed to be about a albeit Mexican, but about a MC, there twern’t no or hardly and Harley’s or any bikes. No passionate love scenes, not of the quality of Son’s SOA Blood Patchfrom which Mayan’s came from. Although I did perk up, and it is a fact that Sutter is eye balling the idea of a redoux of Son’s. In the form of a series called the First-9 essentially a series showing the formation of SAMCRO. The reason I say that, there was one scene, albeit breef,that showed two SAMCRO members out with good ole Chucky, exchanging guns. The quotation from Chucky, came from the line, that JAX , said no more muling guns. Of course the Knytes, already know the redoux of Son’s is coming as we are part of that, but it was interesting. Maybe next week we will see more Bikes, less cages. 

Alrighty then: There are things I just adore, and like that others find repulsive and strange. After being here as long as I have, and residing next to a livestock auction arena, there are flies. That being said, I’ve become kinda attached to the little critters.

To me I think they’re cute. They are not as dirty or filthy as one would think, and has been convicted of. Next they will not bite you. They have no teeth. They’re extremely intelligent, very emotional, and just plain fun to have around. Then there’s my other great thing, that I adore that others find crude, and just plain yucky. I know kind of where  the fetish started, it started when I was 9 years old. There was a super foxy honey that worked at a hair salon, next to Kowley Drug Store in Layton Utah. She was hitting 28 years old so it was the older woman attraction. Mike Piper and his brother dared me to go in the salon, and mess around with this lady. So since everyone else talked about booty’s and jugs, I went for a unheard part of the anatomy. The aroma of her feet and toes, in nylons stimulated me to the point, it became engrained in my brain. There is two things you will always see in any pictorial that I work up here for the Gazzette. First, me huffing a woman’s feet in nylons,

I can’t explain it, there’s just something about that musky, semi sweaty, aroma that drives me wyld. If a woman wants to tempt me that’s what she needs to wear, as around a woman in nylons, I get weak in the knees. Of course as time has gone by, I figured out how to make money from the fetish. The first time it generated any serious cash, was when after hours of teasing with one of Big Indian Rick’s main squeezes he decided to play a practical joke. He contacted YESCO Sign company, and put up a billboard photo, of me smooching his old lady’s feet in nylons. Under it , it just read: Pantyhose Kid. Well while it took years to overcome that, my enterprising mind figured out , how to connect TOE , with TOW, and with the popularity of the Dukes-of-Hazzard:

and of course sweet Daisy, whose legs were always in Nylons, gave me ideas. So when our shop opened in 1980 We did an ad where I kissed the Daisy look alikes toes, in nylons, with the tag line, we luv stinky toew

Now to clarify, a stinky toew, is not, repeat NOT a smelly set of human feet. Nope; a Stinky toew is one of those really difficult heavy rescue tow recovery jobs that really is simply: WHEN YOU CAN'T GET IT OUT

For me as well , messing with models feet and toes in nylon stockings, is somewhat self fullfilling. And I do say, there was two that gave me all of that I could handle and then some, to the point, it wasn’t as much a craving. Robin Whittaker of Minidoka, our Miss Dixie Diesel of 1993, and of course Erin, aka Nurse GoodBody, That I named that because of her near look alike, of the same character on the old series of TV HeeHaw. Erin, not only did the infamous toew smooch, IJUSTLOVETOEWS but also let me huff and sniff and toy with her peds, as much as I wanted to. me and Ellie May And yes I did look under the hood more times than I could count, and yes I wanted to, because; Like Uncle Dell taught me, you never, ever, dip your pen in the company ink. Okay, so there’s other things that I love. First LexiBelle; LexiBelle Wynged 2Now to many folks, that is just an old , rusting tow truck. To me its , my heritage and family history. That old truck has taken me everywhere, from my High School Prom, to my graduate school, ceremony to my parents funeral. That truck was the last gift, my Mom bought me before she passed on. That old toew truck has a soul. And is my life, so yes she is dear and loved beyond anything on earth. The only two other things I love more is My Heavenly Father and hos son Jesus Christ. The only things I adore and hold dear more, are: The Knytes-WolfPack, My unit of the USMC , the VMA214 BlackSheep, and of course PoohBear, 0830191740 anything or much of anyone cept for my pal in Etown, Rick, everything else I couldn’t give a rats ass about. I serve the Club, hammering these posts out, and doing up KTOW and of course HazzardAyre Radio. But they are not my passion. My main passion? Climbing in :My AyreWolf and flying the Sensious Lady, aka Airwolf. Or as we spell it, AyreWolf. Now there are things I fully hate.

Women who do not dousche, or clean up the private part areas. Nothing is worse, than sitting in a place ready to consume food that smelling terrible rotting tuna fish. That kind of fish taco, is not on my menu. Or walking into a store to buy food, and smelling some dang woman, who decided to take a bath in parfume. Especially these Mexican and Mexicali, women we have in our town. You’d think that they had not only bathed in parfume, but slept in it too. Whew that crap stinks. I’d rather smell a dairy barn at milking time. Of course there’s others, like walking into our local Denny’s where lovely Alex is employed at part time when she’s not working for the WolfPack, that said, I saw and I only thought us male corpuscles did this; but this otherwise not too bad a lookin gal walks in front of me in jeans one size too tight, digging in her asshole. I though for sure that her fingers must stink like poop, and yet she’s going to eat with that bacteria. See the little fly 220px-Musca_domestica_mating_(cropped)isn’t so dirty after all is he/she? 

Until L8R Ya’ll.


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