The Law is coming down hard in Burley Idaho.

Hazzard County Gazzette2On The HuD

After a very , long and drawn out previous night, I finally got RealTek software installed on my mini LapTop. Seems as though when the fartknocker who did a recovery job on it, took out my sound program. Thus couldn’t hear nothing. But it shows that there are some people that bill themselves as one thing, but do quite big time the opposite, or completely fraudulent . Read that a local surgeon, got his ass bit by the law, over implanting false boobies into women that were knocker off’s from China. Yet this surgeon, charged some 9 women for real boobies. OOps there goes the top half. So now the surgeon, is going to the big house for a few years, and pay a pretty hefty boobie fine, of   $250K . Had the surgeon, been honest, and told the women, what was up with their falsies, a refund and offer to remove and replace, would be the ladies vengence. Then of course, there’s where, I reside. The Evergreen in Burley, if managed right could be a great place to bed down. It ain’t that bad, but the fly invasion, a bathtub that don’t work, wifi, that is slow as a snail, except way late overnight, Cable TV that has only a few good channels, but not as the place is billed as. Now, that all I can stand, However; PoohBear tried to send cash through Walmart, to Walmart so I’d have rent money, and could apply my check to the office/studio for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM, KTOW Radio. Now then too the malfunction, is, not just was , but is; that , that hurricane back east, has made sending any kind of wire money anywhere an mission impossible. The wire money services and computer servers are pretty thin bandwidth wise and as such, no money, going no where. Much less receive it. The thing is and this applies, while waiting for our Bishop of the 5th Ward of Burley, Idaho , this Sunday, I get a text, from Eric our complex manager saying they gotta talk to my Bishop. Not a problem, but rent has been a few days late before, and no one barked. How is it going to look for the people who own this place, if they throw out a USMC Combat Veteran, just because his rent is late due to a gall dern hurricane that couldn’t be predicated or predicted? You’d think that my credit with NewLeaf would be good with them. Not everything is everything, due the stress of all this and a spat PoohBear and I had last night, she had a almost serious heart attack, more like a Climatic, stroke , due to anxiety. So now she sits in the hospital. Heck I might end up at St. Lukes myself over all of this. In short, in this life some times bullshitjust happen’s. When life gives you oranges, you make orange juice; images then just sit back and froggy but wouldn’t be groovy if folks just told the truth, did what they say and be honest, like us in Hazzard County do? Now I need to point something out to the children of all adult ages, that use that framing option to their photos, that says they are 81 clubThat is dangerous. As HA as well as us in the Knytes, Knytes of Dixie 2 Which is, a sub charter in reality, of the Angels, knows that you do not wear our colors, or sport our logo’s nilly willey. That’s a great way to flat end up dead, or in serious criticle condition. When it comes to the Knytes and/or the Angels, there is one way in and Only one way OUT!! and the OUT, part is not something to look forward to. So ya’ll on FB, that sport the tag of : 81 clubsupporter, unless you really are and willing to give it your all, best not say it. Can ya dig? 

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