Oh is that so, others are interested.

So I wake up, grab some Cheerios, and activate my LapTop. I’m taking it easy today, so I can go fetch some of my stuff from Twinky Flatts. So I’m looking over my inbox, and find some gal named Valorie, who left some droppings on my overnight post, concerning the lost funds of PoohBear, that was for the Club. So as the dutiful guy of PoohBear’s I texted her to ask what’s up with that? Now PoohBear is on the war path. This could get interesting. Now I know that PoohBear, might have screwed things up with the money, but to blame it all on Walmart, and/or Walmart’s employees, for a system wide crash, which did not happen, is ludicrious. There is no way that could happen, Walmart has back up systems and procedures in place. That said, and PoohBear thinking that somebody else is sniffing around this old rebel, is also false. I once got a sticker from a gum ball machine, in American Falls, at some choke and puke we all went to there. It read, ” When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. ” In my case if a woman, wants my complete attention and such, the saying is, ” If you have me by the nose against your toes in Pantyhose , I will devote my attention to you” . Now let me shed some light here with a small parable. Back in 2002, for content for thee then AyreWolfFM, I found quite by accident a honey, that did a DR. Ruth style gig on Canadian Radio. Sue MGarvie aka Sex-with-Sue, was the name of the show. After we had moved from Layton, to Centerville Utah to better quarters, we got serious about that show. I told Sue that I had this fetish weakness for ladies in nylons. Sue said that it was normal. That most guys have one fetish, or another. So I then quite jokingly that it’d be kool if she sent me some of her slightly soiled hosiery, Suprisingly she did. Pink, Cocoa, even a leapord print style. At that point, Sue had by full loyalty, and it opened a nice door to a still great professional relationship. So for all these feminitile human felines, you want me? My address is on the hedder of this publication, I dare you to send me, YOUR smelly , nylons. Lets see how loyal you are to me. 

Crazy Cooters PhooteNotes1

For many of you that thought that our concept for our sister company Heavy Rescue Toewing got shelved, what with the conversion to everything Hazzard and all, well stop that way of thinking. Thing is, that is still very active. Likewise AyreWolf and , HazzardAyre Aviation, is still very much alive. But where we are here, big city concepts have to be eased into, kind of like making passion, to a virgin. Otherwise, you risk breaking the hymen, and hurting the cervix. More on that later, I’m going into my domicile, and take a nap.

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