If ya’ll cain’t stand the heat, stay out of the dern kitchen. In essence; Don’t poke the Wolf.

So the other day, during the troubles with PoohBear and I over the lost Club funds, this seat-cover named Valorie pokes her head in, telling me that PoohBear was lying to me.  Not that everything PoohBear said was a fib, but I’m sure I’m not getting the entire story. So that said, looked over this Valorie’s profile on FakeBook. Come to find out she’s a model. Really? So I threw a pitch of hey if you want modeling work, give me a jingle. No more , no less. So then this morning I get this PM from her saying, she’s hooked up with a great guy and so on. Fine. I didn’t say I wanted to date you, Valorie, I asked if you wanted a modeling job? For some odd reason, our society, even after the countless law suits last year and year before, of talent search agents, getting a bit too frisky, and such is vibrant. Not only that , but it would seem, that the memories of the casting couch, is alive and well. Can’t a lone male, just audition for on screen talent without every one, getting it in their head that I’m hidding a tactic to getting them in bed? I don’t want to have SEX with no one. I love my independence , I love sleeping alone, under ALL the covers, and living humble. I don’t need a brand new Limo, or that fancy Ford, that I have to make payments on, I love my little Saturn, and my vintage rides. Mine ARE paid for, I have most everything I need in life, and I have something many of the rich and famous don’t have. peace, comfort and compassion of my Heavenly Father and his son my savior Jesus Christ. What else do I need? 

As far as this Valorie is concerned, hey; you stuck your beak in where it was not invited , so don’t bark. 

So the other day, getting off one of our roll backs, I slipped and twisted/sprained my ankle. It hurts like the dickins. Was going to Church for the entire session, but its really swollen, something fierce. So Doc. Crabtree, said for me to rest, keep my foot up, and soak in the tub. So I’m watching the Giants play the Cowboys. 

We caught one helluva storm last night. Winds of 40mph were not uncommon. And the wind did what I’m about to do. Lights Out. 

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