Here’s LOOKING AT YOU , ya’ll.

Hazzard County Gazzette2Heres lookin at ya2

Well here tizz liz, another outage of the mass hysteria, called the Interweb. This time the gorilla is on someone else’s back. See it’s the system and I always fight systems, shyt its in my DNA, but the Interweb being offline, is due to a horrendous storm here that included one mellofahess of a bunch of lightning, so I contacted management. Who came over here to the great Evergreen, with his Cell phone. Maybe that works but the gall dern wifi, don’t or I’d be online. Which costs me money. But I stated a dialog, with a honey down at Keystone Realty here, and there is office space, there for $400.00 a month, which is steep a bit, but it gets me gear here and us back on the air. PoohBear, still hasn’t resolved the big ?: of where the Knytes/WolfPack’s money went. Once that is fixed, PoohBear is going to start sending money through Western Union. Rather than Walmart to WalMart. TJ still hasn’t got in touch, her loss, not ours. But SSGT, Mark Cambell of the WolfPack suggested something the other day. With this entire valley and more so, with both Burley and Jerome, perhaps recruiting more ethnic women for model and talent, not just the Caucasian Blonde, blue eye’d honeys. Mostly Hispanic. Even co-hosting some shows, become Hispanic friendly. Don’t yet know how that would work, for the 214 as well as the WolfPack, But I have a feeling the Knytes crew would groove on some Mexicali moves. If we snag a greater portion of that audience, our online as well as OTA numbers could rise.

I have a big question for ya’ll. What does old man Chrisley have on NBC/USA-TV Network? Be interesting to know how much he pays them to have them produce and air those dorky TV shows of his. Like; Chrisley Knows Best, Growing Up Chrisley, etc. The show has no plot, the way he treats those Children of his, should be a wake up call for some young peoples protection agency somewhere. If I was Chase Chrisley, the first time that old man started in on me, I’d flat punch the bastard right in the jaw. Demeaning someone is not the way to get someone to do or carry out instruction of yours. Demeaning; just means someone is going to incite and harbor anger. I bet the thing is for drama, for TV and all, but I’ll bet there’s more to that story than what you see. But to the question of what does Chrisley have on NBC/USA-TV that excites that network so much? Chrisley is a real estate mogul that went bankrupt 4 times, and what about all the houses? Look at them; , if you look at the cars and SUV’s they drive, shit, I wonder how many are still owned by the bank? Loaned for the TV show only? And how many are free and clear and paid for. Chrisley owns what I’d call mansions, in Nashville, North Carolina for his aging mother, who is truly southern bred, and a mansion just outside of Atlanta, GA, now Atlanta hasn’t been right since Sherman burned it. Then of course there’s that show on the same network, called, Miz And Mrs. That show is mostly about the home struggles of a WWL super star wrestler. Both of them are. But she acts just like a frigging spoiled Brat. Like the last season episode. Shoot she buys $2,000.00 stilettos . $2k for a pair of pumps? Hell , if I have to buy, a pair of sneakers or boots that I have to pay more than $80.00 for, I’m howling. If not ready to bite. I mean really. Now I’m one for a rapid return to a more rural based TV network. Not only the Dukes of Hazzard, which would be great, but also including every kountry show ever made.  From; HeeHaw logo1 to BJ and the bear. Something which shows , real people, that aren’t living with brand new Mercedes and drive a Chevy truck, or Ford car. That magic will come from one source, that being> HazzardAyre TV poster 1That is what we are working on for 2021.

Well , I’m getting pooped, so I’m off to my bunk.

Cruise it Easy.

rebel me 2

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