Let’s Talk, no, lets howl about Wolves and Wolvez.

Okay; this BS has got to stop. Was scanning this post on FB where everything for the most part is a fib, and there was a Puma at this peoples home near Tremountain Utah. If however there were wolves near by , there wouldn’t be pumas. I’m one of those odd human WereWolvez that like strange things. Reminds me of a cross between somebody on the OLD Adam’s Family and the Munsters. I like tiny little flies. They really don’t hurt anything. Yes they can be a pest sometimes, but overall they can be interesting to just sit and watch. 220px-Musca_domestica_mating_(cropped) With that said, lets howl Scarlet Howl Script about our 4 legged counterparts. First, a Wolf while of the canine species, is not anything compared to a dog. A wolf is much more evolved and much more intelligent, than any mut. I became fascinated with wolves in 1999. A group of us went horse back ridding the other side of Driggs Idaho. Something spooked my horse and I got thrown to the ground. There I was in 7 foot snow, wet, freezing, with a busted knee, when all of a sudden, a small pack of wolves, showed up. Of course, I had believed all the stereotype bs, so I was a bit scared. I thought , oops, hey Montgomery, the jig is up. Qute the contrary. This pack, helped me get to their den, gathered wood so I could make a fire. Fed me what they could, and at the end, one hauled out a small wolf-pup, for me to keep. Had they not been there that day, I would have surly died. Wolves are not bad, its not their fault, that some over zealous humans rounded up thousands of wolves, put em in trailers and cattle wagons and hauled em to Jellystone Park, in Wyoming. Yes they can be a pest, just like a fly, and yes , they get into things they shouldn’t, and yes there are times we as humans have to put one or two down, but if it weren’t for wolves, you’d have coyotes devouring, cattle, sheep, and even Elk, and Mule Deer herds. You’d have a lot of other eco system damage. And yet there are the same over zealous humans that brought our 4 legged friends, here, that want to hunt them for sport. My neighbor Shiela got into it one evening over the subject. Yet if anybody had ever spent time around wolves, you realize what majestic, loyal, and protective they can be, and loving? If only humans could render such love. Bottom line Wolves just want to be left alone. This is me on nights of a full moon > Werewolf2 < , Then of course there was that mid morning at Deseret Transportation . I was going through my day, changing tires on trucks, when I came out of the tire room, and grabbed my coffee( That’s a no-no at any LDS company) Then of course I snagged my Skoal, Skoal Girl when here came President Hinckley, who was the church President at the time. He sat down on some stack of tires and we talked. He told me that I was in fact the Wolf, in amongst the sheep. That label has stuck. Now if I can just get me a new Wolf-Pup. See mine, got put down, by some tacos in my neighborhood in Jerome Idaho. I named him Sunny, after the HA – Club- 81 club < of which both the WolfPack and the Knytes have a close brotherhood and friendship with. When I tried to report the shooting of my Wolf-Pup, Idaho Fish and Game just issued a citation to the Beaner’s that shot him. Them Taco’s got deported. Yet , I’m all alone and missing that tiny pup. 

Well , here they come hauling my nightly grub, in. Bout time, the bastards. My nighting gails are super cool, they haul up everything from Ice cream, to bbq ribs. Yet its this mostly male nurse jerks during the day that piss me off. My Nighting-Gails, let me have my Skoal, skoalwith the agreement that I don’t make a big mess. They turn off the bed alarm, so I can get up to go potty, when I want to. Yet the male nurse jerks, wont. Plus The male jerks, can’t get a new IV started to save their soul. Thing is it ain’t them bleeding under the skin. It’s me. 

Any mile Gotta eat. More L8R

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