Talk about Lazy and dishonest, Welcome to Burley, Idaho.

America is Lazy, and fat. Social programs, from Social Security to welfare programs are abused heavily. Some done not of choice, but out of survival. That said; I have never, ever, been in a place, that is more lazy, and more dishonest, than Burley, Idaho. Days like today, make me think , I should have stayed in Twin Falls. Any mile, the amount of dishonesty, is so deep, it rivals oceans. Here is where you’ll find ladies who look so divine, you’d think their poop don’t stink, who drive newer model Camaros and who tell you, sure I would like to work with you. So you show kindness, yet when you call their bluff, they do not return phone calls, Facebook postings, or even emails. Same goes for Real Estate agencies. I know two that have dropped the ball at the 10 yard line. Both say, sure we’ll rent to you. One says, let me clean it up and you can move right in. Two months ago, must be a heck of a cleaning job. Then the other says, have the lease done, and we’ll get back to you, must have had to mill the wood for the paper themselves. One thing you can fully depend on always. We and our organization, is always online, the phone always works, and we do what we say , and say what we will do. Might be why we have been around 45 years, and don’t plan on dieing any time soon. Thing is many in Burley, as well as the area, most likely were conceived and/or raised by parents, that worked at the Ponderosa Inn here in Burley. Guess what fellow Burley-ites, the Ponderosa was owned in part by MY mom and Dad. Yep, it was our money keeping that going. However we never got , rather I never got the payments owed me , when the property was sold, wonder what would happen, if I did a whammy, and sued Georges family estate, for that money, which would make every sale, of every square inch of the property that was the Ponderosa, null and void. From the Mall to where Denny’s is, to the Dollar Store is at, would have to PAY ME and our organization, what’s owed. Either pay up, or we will evict you. Maybe then a few of these stuck up’s and stubborn people might look twice at snubbing their noses and fibbing to me and the Club. I am sure it’d make these swine squeal. Trust me our legal team is looking into it, plus taking back that jet fighter at the entrance to the Burley airport. Hey guess who convinced the USAF to put it there? My Dad, through his career at Hill Air Force Base. Might be time, for some of these high and mighty’s to pull their heads out of their butts 0_23_081705_jessica_butt here and give myself and the Knytes/WolfPack the respect and honor we deserve. If you can’t or wont do something, at least be honest and say your not in it. Do Not Lie. 


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