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Welcome to: Cooter’s Garage, episode 1:

This is the section of the infamous Hazzard County Gazzette, where most anything goes. In my last entry, I related my world with Charles Legg of A1 Towing and Heavy Haul. Of the many things, Charlie taught me was not to stay in bed all day. Even to the point of getting up around 04:30 when you can get your thoughts together, before the rush of the public, and work. Used to be, that most folks in this area, were of the mind set of farming and kountry life, which included feeding livestock. Much of that was done very early in the morning. These days, seems that you’d be hard pressed to see most folks, not even getting to the office until, 10:30 to 11:00. The condition of an overnight, or what we used to term as the grave yard shift is fading. 8 hours of sleep, to 12 hours is enough. You do not need to just snooze. Most people, like my PoohBear, stay in bed most of the day, which usually means some serious depression, or emotions. It has nothing much to do with being tired or fatigued. Our Heavenly Father, and a piece of life that Charlie taught me, was that if you don’t work, thou shall not eat. 2nd   Thessalonians Verse 10. I believe in this. Granted to survive, I wont hide the fact that my nest egg income comes from Social Security. That was a band aid on the loss of funds from the Montgomery Trust that got frozen that went with a huge law suit that was initiated by my Cousin Bud, Sant. That being said, my goal is to get things going to the point, I can climb off the U.S.-of,A, Government payroll, and making my own. Many, just put their heads under the covers, and defeat themselves and just give up. Not me I have what is known as Hazzard County Tenacity, I have ambition. Just because you reach a point of failure or near failure, does not mean give up. What you do, is get up, dust yourself off and try again. To me that’s the only way to live, not just exist.

Well, speaking of sleep, it IS my nap time. Something I do, from Noon to 15:00. Then get up and do it again.

L8R Ya’ll, Happy Highways.

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RIP In Honor of Charlie

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