Its the Afternoon After, Welcome to The HazzardAyre Journal, Take 2

It’s Tuesday, the Afternoon, After. TJ Pretty much has pushed me aside. Guess the reference of her doing the Casll Girl thing wasn’t appreciated. Thing is; it wasn’t specificaly about her. The article in question, could and was a generalality for all us male corpucsles to know if that sweet thing that’s giving you a wink, is really interested in you, or The green in your jeans. One of the things that I appreciate at the brothels in Wells, Nevada that I frequent, is that YOU KNOW going in that your going to shell out some cash from your stash, to get laid. You just know, that the darling, spreads for bread. Even if you buy that $30.00 bottle of whatever beverage and visit at the bar, you know if you go to the boodwah, that its cash up front to get horizontal. It’s no tease, like out here in the vast mountain desert called Idaho. Now with that all said. If PoohBear was not a factor in this scenario, I’d be all over TJ in a Hazzard County second. Thing is at the time she was here and the brief time I got to know her, she was flirting with some Taco. Nothing against Taco’s. Our Sub Charter President Videl, Prunenda of Blackfoot Idaho aka CBS Or Country Boy Spud, on the CB, is 100 % Taco. His Mom and Dad have always been kind to me and The Knytes. In fact if I could find a resource, I’d recruit, Hispanic women into our modeling gig, as well as on air. Yet that is an elusive pursuit, as it seems, TJ. No return phone calls or texts. Okay, I messed up. I appologized , What else must I do, to rectify the situation? Some of you may ask why, do I stay after TJ? Reason, if contracted by the Knytes, TJ could be one helluva human resource. There is enough Chemistry there that she would and could be a valuable addition to the Knyte’s enterprises. Yet, because of attitudes and rumors all over this dorky Motel that I live in for now, TJ and many others got the wrong idea. What part of I’m involved with PoohBear, didn’t somebody understand>? Alex,Alex down at Denny’s here in Burley, understands that. So Alex and I are buds, and eventually and an employee. That’s it. The idea here, is get as much female on air that can double as photographic eye candy when needed, is the goal. Not for jumping in bed doing the wyld thing. With TJ, its her, as well as The Ice Queen, that’s just icing on that cup cake. I’m working to build an small empire for the Knytes and the WolfPack. As I get the feeling that my days are numbered at A1, in Twin Falls, following Charlies death, so, it is me building my own company. TJ could be a very important part of us here. I would hate to think, that a mere misunderstanding, would make her a bit standoffish, but hey, when it comes to women, I have no clue. Okay then. 


So, speaking of Denny’s here in Burley. The WolfPack, had its monthly meeting there last, night which might be one of the reasons I’m dizzy as hell, since I ain’t slept for 24 hours. All day at A1, finishing up things there, but good news; looks like we found, if all goes right, an office for the radio gig. Now its time to get serious about that. It’s also time to start looking for a much nicer place to drop anchor, and hang up my at in. This Evergreen, is okay, but its a dive at best. And that’s putting it nicely. The idiots who run this thing called the Evergreen, are too damn cheap, to fix hardly anything, its filthy. Flies everywhere. Its so bad with flies that I found myself calling them pets. But things are on the resurrection here. Plan on venturing down to fetch LexiBelle in late October. Once that is done the picture will be complete. 

My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts this evening, since I need to get ready to go talk to my Bishop, at 18:30, I have done my best here. I have served and will proudly continue to serve The WolfPack as well as the Knytes. The reason I do so, is that these noble men, are not just a bunch of guys and some gals who I ride a bike with, fly a aircraft with, or restore a custom ride for. These noble warriors are those who protected my butt in combat and beyond that I proudly fought with as a Confederate Marine. And I’ll be damn if anything or anyone, will prevent that. To TJ 

Tilisha 4If there was anything that I did that upset you or caused you any harm or discomfort, I’d like to sit down with you, have a beer and discuss it. I am terribly sorry.

Until L8R Aviators,

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