Doesn’t anyone tell the truth and be honest any more?

Is it just me, and our MC that seems like a tiny ant pushing a big piece of bread up a 90 degree hill, or is there some measure, of reality, that most people are no longer being honest? Is being ALWAYS truthful just us in and from Hazzard County ? All I know is I have just about had it with mini Cassia/Idaho. I’m serious. Finally after text after text after text, the gal down at Keystone Realty here in Burley calls. Says the owners now want $1000.00 a month. Now wait, where did I hear that before, can you say Jerome, Idaho? So saw a space down next to BJ’s and talked to the owner. He said , he had a place, and that was ours. Except when he researched us, namely me, he flat did not want a Confederate 1% Outlaw MC Made up of Marine and Navy Aviators. Bet your next oil change, had I been a full fledged Missionary in a suit, with that black tag on my nipple, We’d be moving in tonight. Any more, I’m not counting on nothing, until a lease has been signed. Money paid and I have a key. Which wont happen. Which brings me to the point of this post. Can’t people especially in and around the Burley area of Idaho, be honest and truthful. In my younger days, if one were to shake hands on something, you pretty much could count on it. If you did a spit and shake of hands, whatever was agreed on, was absolute solid. On the concept of an MC, dig this; the same people, will also be the ones, with their children coming to the back of a truck, and getting turkeys for Thanksgiving, as well as Toys for Tots from our toy runs. Here’s an idea; Mr. Rice, Dentist and Keystone Realty, don’t bring your kids to share our kindness, when the rest of the year, you thumb your nose up at us. More in a few. 

L8R Riders.

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