It’s not all coffee and maple bars. And me buying leggings to stay warm.


mY what a game. BSU, kicking ass, I mean all over the opponent. It was such a tight game, that even if you wanted to leave it for a few minutes or seconds, you didn’t dare. BSU caught its wind, somewhere in the late 2nd to early 3rd quarter. It was all but counting the chicks. So with that, and being pissed at the whole damn area of Burley, that I hit the bed, closed my eyes and died until just after 07:00 this morning. Its times like this; that two and a half years ago, that I broke up with PoohBear, that the promise was, if she missed paying her dies money to the club, we were done. See if I had stayed put in Evanston, Wyoming, although not a shangrila, but still, my rent was subsidized , I had LexiBelle, Mini , and that Stratus. I had the ultimate internet, and full package cable TV. I was about an hour and a half at worst weather to Salt Lake City and metro Utah, and we were just starting to crown the libia, of the radio gig. But PoohBear just could not get along in Evanston, for some odd, unknown reason. Funny, even with my crap with the wireless internet company and a few others, I still gained ground. But I moved, and been regretting it ever since. I might have turned right around had it not been that mess with Mylinda over in Wendell. In fact there’s only 4, no make that 5 things that has happened since I been here. Kathleen and Family, Priscilla, Atheya , and Chaundra. Past that, ain’t been nothing but one big pain the tookish.  So if ya’ll think the skipping money by PoohBear to the Club, was over considering that in a week, it’ll be one full year since I got evicted from our place in Jerome, was over think again. Shelly says she sent the money via walmart to walmart, from Florida to Idaho. That it got messed up. Truth? Her damn brother, stopped the payment from going through and went out spending it. This mess ups with money due the Club, happens when her Brother Kenny, is home. And He’s off of a job, since he kept, breaking up the truck he was driving. I’ve seen the repair orders and inspection reports. Basically Kenny, ought to have this sign with him 2922729641_a029279039he uses her, and I’d love to have her out here, but every time the money comes up short, I have to spend my money to fix the damage. Thus extending her arrival date. To be honest; If some medium hottie stepped in and said she’d help with both finances as well as emotional, mending, that would be forgotten as fast, as yesterday’s news. It ain’t over yet, but loosing $12,000.00 plus a month, is getting to me.

So Thursday, I’m cruising down Overland here in Burley, when out of my eye saw a pretty snazzy new toew rig sitting there. The joy faded fast. I go in after noticing several draggin wagons there. The first sales-person acted like his time of the month had arrived, and the owner of the place acted the same except he had a double dose. What? Last week in our fair village, did everyone go on the rag, or get rabees? You’d think that the exec VP, of one of the largest owner/operator trucking organizations, seconded only to OOIDA, and we are inching past them in many ways, would command a bit more respect, if not dignity. I mean, I’m a customer. Truck buyers are not that plentiful these days, rather than snap at me, you’d think, a cup of coffee, a spit-n-shake, and a dialog on price of buying all 3 trucks would have been on the menu. Just like Keystone Realty, both ended up as a no sale, and both just lost the commerce, of 300,000 plus members. Disrespect one, you disrespect us all. Budget Truck Sales of Burley, don’t matter if you do, move to Heyburn, none of our people will buy squat from you. Same goes for Keystone Realty. 

Any mile, Church in the mid AM, see ya’ll here then. Oh and for Budget Truck Sales and Keystone Realty of Burley, snubbing us was>1422809._UY630_SR1200,630_

rebel me 2HRT in Fyre 2

Wolf Howl2

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