Just before Church and Right beyond the moon.

It’s A Sunday, and waiting to truck over to the meeting house for Church. I for some odd reason a old Cowboy tune from Tex Ritter struck, my crainium, called Just Beyond the Moon. The first time I encountered that song, I must have been 6 years old, when I spent every odd year, Summer at my Uncle Dell’s in Thatcher Idaho. The Even numbered year’d Summers I spent just outside of Macon, GA at my Uncle Dereks. Any mile, Uncle Dell had this old, and I mean OLD, player piano that you’d put a paper roll on a feeder drum, then paddle like heck to hear the music. Later they got the album of the song, that you’d play on a turntable. We had that song played at my Uncle Dell’s funeral some years later. I truly miss that old man. My Uncle Dell knew more than any college kid could, about mechanics, animals, horses, and agriculture. While Uncle Dell, couldn’t make water flow up hill, like my Mom could, still he taught me well. My Cousin Claude, is the very same person, that when hauling back a load of loose hay to the barn for milking time, he hit a bump, out came this roll of foil, with some old BeechNut tobacco, in it. Claude, cut off a slice, and thinking it would make me sick, and Claude having a laugh, happened quite the opposite. I liked it. Been putting a pinch behind my lip ever since. So was looking over things, trying to take an inventory, (and this will relate in a few)  but taking in a exam, of current circumstances, and serious lack of income generation, having to rely on PoohBear’s influx of cash to our stash, required an indepth devoted Wolf’s Wolf-Eyes eye on things. I may be of one here, but when you are separated from someone that has been in your life for a lifetime, you begin to consider, ” Hey this could have been me.” I could have been the one on that stretcher and not Charlie. My stress level is where his is, and slightly higher. Considering I have the responsibilty of riding herd, on 300,000 Knytes/WolfPack members World Wide. Out of 7 subsidiaries and 20 Charters. Plus additional sub-charters. And I do that task, not getting a single penny of a pay check, just the brother hood and Sister hood of the Club(s). All of which told me long before I relocated 3 years ago now from Evanston to Wendell, and subsequently here to Burley. Sorry; PoohBear , but I need to light. Find my own burrow so you and I can settled the—- down. Every time I move, I have to start all over again. Absolutely, do I think, that Burley and surrounding area, has its head up its butts so deep they are licking the backs of their teeth. Yes this area, is super clannish, cliquish, and mule-headed, but as my Mom once said when I was just a Teen-Wolf, “When in Rome-do as Roman’s Do” Or, since your in a mostly LDS infested area, kiss the butts of the LDS. There are fluent, and powerful people in Wards here, and it’s amazing what one can find, if one looks. In Evanston, what albeit limited, but the success that I had there came from what I need to do here. Networking. Reaching out to people, and reaching up for our Saviors hand, not expect them or him to just know our maladies. As far as TJ, and the Ice Queen, is concerned. For someone who barks a lot of military, supporting military families, and so on, didn’t she some how realize that I am and will always be a Barking, Howling Marine? Did she not hear my words of the project of which I was(still am ) Recruiting lady eye candy and wanting to do photos of Ice Queen was(is) For a fund raising project to and for the USMC Family Readiness program? And did she have to flat kick me in the groin, like she did? I guess not. But to condemn an entire region, just because of some mindless people, is not being the understanding person, that our Savior created for me to be. For the idiots from, Keystone Realty, Mountain West Realty, That idiotic Dentist, and a very few others it just is simply put> beyond the moon 1

Enuff Said.