This didn’t go to well, but changes are on the H-U-D.


we have balls report1So it was con-ad time on Fx during the Mayan’s which is not really catching stride, like SOA did, it just don’t have , quite really the Juice, that SOA did. So Ronny, and I were dropping some barley pop’s and bein Mr. Show-off cruised to my computer, and hailed our trusty online version network carrier/hosting service, that for the last 3-1/2 years come rain or shine, $120.00 leaves my bank account for. So there I is, meandering over the episodes, and wanted to download a few so Ronny could take em on, on a CD. Guess what? I could not access one damn episode. None. So out of shits-n-giggles, I used my phone, and got it. So it’s got to be either, my tiny laptop,  or the ultra slow snails strolling Interweb Connection, I have or both. Now that said. There is some changes that are both, short term immediate, and long time infrastructure reconstruction. Both require a relocation, of which , Evanston, Wyoming, is the chosen, rest area. Only because, Etown, is an hour maybe two, from mid town Metro Utah, B; LexiBelle is down there and needs to be recovered, and 3: Etown isn’t as spoiled and thus, not as high priced land value wise, as Burley, and/or Twin-Falls\Boise. Even with the $400.00 I was coughing up in Etown Wyoming, for Interweb/Cable, still it was better, faster, and outside of a blue and I do mean Blue Moon or two, most of the time it ran great, never had a problem , from that end. If I did, one call, to Mindi Broadhead down at AllWest, and it was fixed, pronto. So where would you want to be? Go no where Idaho, or out the front door of Metro Utah, and the backdoor and gate opens to Park City, and of course Sundance. So got in touch with a few of our former associates, and had them looking for new quarters for HazzardAyre. 

KnyteHead GiF1

A few things came up today at the shop, and I thought I’d unload them on ya’ll to see what ya’ll thought.

First my fly affections. I’m sorry , but most anything with wings intrigues me. So these tiny creatures, with legs so delicate, that you wonder how can those tiny sticks not any bigger than a hair, can support a body, of what a gram to a gram and a half. Have you ever just sat and watched the little creatures? In reality, despite the fact they carry filth and can cause airborne and such illness’s, I mean look at what and where they consume food. They have no teeth and nothing really of a mouth. They got this little tube that they Hoover down what ever they are eating, disolve it, puke it out, then re-consume it. Hey it ain’t purtty, but that’s the way our Savior designed them. After awhile with being invaded by em, I just started making friends, and although experts say no, I think they too get attached to me emotionally. Hey so I’m an odd one, byte me Scary-werewolf-Halloween2, so a few of us at lunch got to ratchejawing about days gone by, and Keith, asked , where this bit of feet, nylons, toes and here lately Go-Go boots got started. Now according to our resident expert of human relations, she says that once a person, experiences extreme pleasure and peace, that gets planted on the cpu of ones brain. There are two major pleasure points on the brain, one concerns food, the other physical pleasure. When either of those gets impacted well, then just the slightest smell, feel, or taste can excite those membranes like nothing else. If those things some call fetishes are kept in check, they can expand and enhance the times in the bedroom. Which is most likely why your guy , ladies love nylons more than you will ever know. 

For me it started at about age 6 , if I remember right. There was this older sister of a hottie, that I went to grade school with. They were practicing drill team things one day, near Layton Elementry. There in Layton, Utah. Janet Riggs, her sister wore GO-GO-, boots which was the style for most drill team squads in the area, during the mid 1960’s. ( I’ll get to Purple, bubble top blouses later.) So there they was, 18af76514acb012c77804269b58cc9e9, she took em off and had me hold her batton, while she changed out of her drill outfit after that practice. Don’t know why, but the inside of those boots with that foam lining felt nice, and suprisingly, smelled okay as well. So when The Hollywood Knight’s movie came out and as our TC 

(Truck Custom)Club, followed that movie image wise, when we were designing the diorama for the old Gen Lee, for Utah in 81, Those car hops at Tubby’sTubbys that we renamed Hoggsboss hoggHappy Hamburgers,(hey it was mentioned in an episode) with the car hops in Go-Go- boots, Tubby galsHey you try finding those boots in the late 1980’s, after they had went out of style. So with that is the Go-Go boot part. As far as the Nylons and things leggy. That started with three of my grade school/Jr-High school teachers. They felt soft, kinda shimmered in the sun and being real short, was accessable. What poured nitro methane on that fire was when the Dukes-of-Hazzard

and us with our Gen, Lee. Add to that our work under the studio granted handle for the shop, as the original, off TV Hazzard County Garage, hazzard garage signthat now days goes by the handle of: Cooters Garage Long Form and us doing TV ads and such, a Daisy look alike was required. Just so happenes I learned, that Cathy, was ordered to wear pantyhose due to dress codes for CBS. Something to do with showing that much leg bare was just not to be done. My thoughts was simple, here’s a way to satisfy my craving, while working. To day, if I’m near, to, smell any kind of:>

Any good packaged woman comes near me wearing nylons or similar , she has my undivided complete 100% attention. Can’t help it, I might be Crazy but I’m not dumb, and nothing on me is numb. If you don’t like it, you just leave this old bald headed hellbilly alone, know what I mean? wolf fyre1

Getting into flames, as well as older dames. More on that this afternoon. 

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