Before we embrace Artificial Intelligence, lets get our arms around just some Intelligence.

The Knyte HaulI want ya’ll to know, that its more than the right time, to do a serious mental infrastructure tune up. Our youth are getting more stupid every day. Most of them can’t even do mere simple no computer problem solving. We have this massive movement of Artificial Intelligence. If you think I’m wrong, look at FakeBook, 3fwhat you see on there besides the trolls, and porn stars along with the wanna be porn stars, are people who aren’t making even a minimum wage, have no desire to work or extend their mental muscles, and yet can program a computer faster than Boss Hogg eating a fudge cake. Let me give you a quick example. Signed up a couple of months ago, with Reason? Our entries and posts here on our online webnews publication, I would send to my Gmail account, then email the posts to you our members. Guess what, few months ago , the blooming thing would send the post, via email. So I rattled WordPress’s tech gurus and wanted to know what’s up with that. So out of frustrationsigned up with Lycos, for I think, $12.00 a month. Even bought a domain name from them. So got a notice via email saying they billed my card for the $12.00, no problem. Except, they were billing me a week in advance, rather than on the due date. Why can’t these outfits in tech, have a real call callumondoin desk? Where you could really talk to the IT jerx, at the company to get a problem fixed. I know, how many people would be calling, which would capsize that small life raft. But hey there’s a job for someone. No body wants to take the blame when something goes kaput. What happens is you get some young hardly dry behind the ears yet, college aged kid, that really has no clue of what to do. The few call in help desks, of tech, work the m call centers. Such as Performance One. Or like here in our area C3. Now unless the problem your having fits in a category, and not on a help board, forget it. And forget 24/7/365 support. That’s a marketing gimmick, not a real thing. And to be kind, its the example our kids see in the world. Consider what now, another time that the Democrats want to give the boot to old Trump, for having his fingers in a cookie jar. Government people covering it up, people who have no clue. This is just a grand attempt, by the Democrats to overturn the manure wagon, before the elections next year. There is more corruption, in Washington DC on the Beltway, than you could possibly imagine. Now our kids see this and think that’s how life should be lived. As for me, I’ll never vote in another election, until the Confederate National Party pulls its ass-n-9, head out of its keester, and fronts a candidate to put in DC. I want to see, Wolf-Eyesthe likes of Jefferson Davis, Robert E, and Bedford Forrest, in that White House. We need to clean up this mess. I want to see Government leaders, take responsibilty for things they do, not wait for some Whistle Blower to bring a situation to the front of the room. Now we have a pink elephant in the room called impeachment. What ? So you give Trump the boot. The trough keeps flowing the sludge. You have a Vice President, then if he muddies the water its that damn Nancy from San Francisco. Yea great examples. Any mile catching me some needed zz’s, and to relate to you a new looky thing I saw on a photo search that I want to put on a model to see what it would look like, 5858f0567d16e25035d23d29-7-largeThese boots are totally rad. Maybe before Ashley gains too much weight, I can get her to do it. Still wondering where and when TJ will re-enter the rodeo of ours. If she wasn’t serious about it why even say she was? Do or don’t, as Yoda said, no in between. More in the afternoon ya’ll.

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