Introducing the 3 B’s

So a few of my rode crew were at the local Loves Choke and Puke scarfing down some 100 weight java, and Big ass Bob says look at this, here’s a FB group called BadAss Babes Bikers. So I took a look. Course had been cruising that group for a spell, but didn’t pay it no mind. So after churning that up along with the 100 wgt sea,  I cruised here to the shack, and conjured something up, that would be as good if not better than Bad Ass’s  Bikers, and a heap more classy. Here’s an example; Here is the photo they put up as their cover header; TheresOkay not too bad, but not something I’d want my wife to find or my daughter to aspire to. So we did our own>ours< , much better don’t you think? Still sexy enough without being trashy, or slutty. You don’t have to have every other photo of a gal with a Harley in a g-string bikini and/or a everything hanging out outfit. Having threads on those blondes and redheads  is much groovier than what is normally seen, on FB and/ or EasyRiders. I don’t want to see women naked. Or near naked. Same reason, that I hate women who don;t wear nylons very much if at all. Nylons and-or pantyhose, covers a heap amount of imperfections. While she still might be great tween the sheets, I can tell you hidding some of those stretch marks, and that bristly whiskers on her legs creates much more heat. 

So with that, let me introduce you to: Babes, Bikes, and Booze,>bbb wyngz2

As the name suggests, we’ll be looking over and covering the scene, of sweet classy , not trashy biker honey, the hottest home grown, built bikes, and of course, spotlighting the best biker, and biker friendly , bars, and eating place in the Intermountain West. From St.George Utah,to Boise and all points between. 

Like us and check us out on fb, and for now I’ll put it in the barn, it’s my lights out. Remember, if your not living on the edge, your using up too much space.

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