Nothing big happening, All is Copacetic

phootenote1Nothing big here at The Rode House. Finally at near 07:00 the neighbors got finished mating, and he finally pulled out, sobered up and she went home. However I was too tire and fatigued i rolled over winked at one of my fly pals, and went back to sleep. Where I stayed all day. When it comes to domiciles , I’m better off being in a place where its a stand alone. In essence nobody residing in the same structure. They make noise, I can’t sleep, and I get narly during the day, growling at everybody. Including the few and idiotic unintelligent. Which seems to be at epidemic. . The only place that I truly felt comfortable was at this complex in Etown Wyoming, called the Wentworth. Janet, the lady who ran the place with precision. She worked so hard at most tasks, I remember when that little lady, one of a few people I can call a lady, that I saw her cuticles were bleeding , painting one of the units one evening. Too bad I did not hede to the knowledge revelations from both my Bishop Mark, and counselor Dave. But here I am and from everything I have been through exiting Idaho right now because all too many here have their heads up  their 6’s, that they are licking the backs of their teeth, I’m going to make this work. Just might not be in Burley , could end up in Pocatello, Blackfoot and or Idaho Falls. Maybe even American Falls. Which would give Heavy Rescue and Cooter’s A1 Toewing some operational territory. Worth a look anyway. After all our FCC-CP, is in Aberdeen, Idaho, so again worth sniffing around. That said this dump called the Evergreen here in Burley, needs an entire makeover. That said, The WolfPack and I did some pencil scribing overnight, and thought, hey, maybe we pitch the concept of buying the Evergreen from Waite, and bringing the place up to code, and making it a place for and dedicated to military. In essence Veterans first, everyone else considered after. 

Page 2So I didn’t go to meetings, and because of conference meetings next week or so wont go next week either. Now I want to say this. In reality, I rejoice in going to our Church meetings and fellowshiping. Not just the symbolic shaking hands, which I refrain from, since I have no idea where my brethren have had their hands prior to shaking mine, but the ability to talk about things, and think through problems, both biblical and life. If I feel welcome I go to Church, Over the last 15 years I have found a warm welcome from three Wards. The Jerome 1st Ward Jerome Idaho, The 14th Ward in Twin Falls Idaho, and the Uinta View Ward in Evanston Wyoming. The rest , not so much. Of those 3, the Uinta View Ward, in Wyoming, Mark, or Hutch or Dave and Vern would stop by the house and visit, ask  if things were going well, and be of service to me if it wasn’t. Here in Burley, phooey. Ain’t no Church person, Bishopric or otherwise has ever graced my very humble home. Guess I’m not Churchy enough or something, my thing on that is rather simple. If your going to Judge, me on a few of my part 89 sins, might we take a look inside your closet and see if or how many hidden ghosts you have in there. I remember a scene from the movie Pure Country. Where the old man is explaining things, to George Strait. He said, that tiny white piece sitting on the pile of Chicken stuff, is after all, no matter what brilliance it has, is still Chicken stuff too. We have had two deceased Presidents of the Church, that after they left this dimension, I wondered what new or what things would change. When it comes to saying my Testimony and going to the Temple, I can’t do that honestly. Reason? I can’t truthfully say as I do not believe that President Nelson, is the true President. That entire thing was rushed and the wrong people placed therein. I thought Elder Oaks was a shoe in as I trust him, but not the rest of them. The Church since then has become too self serving, and not reaching too much past or outside of the meeting houses. The crap I had to go through with, Deseret Industries, when I missed wok, so I could be with my dieing daughter, and no compassion there from anyone. DI, may have a plaque outside with our Saviors name on it, but it doesn’t act like it. Too commercial. Bottom line, the Church needs an overhaul, and I’m not going back for awhile until it does right its sins. It’s as far as I understand, the Lord’s place to judge of sins, not mere Church officials, who have no clue. Now Page 3.

Page 3 

Speaking on praying. I am praying for answers on a situation condition, that has befallen on me all month. I’m not saying she’s lying, but I’m quite sure she’s not telling the complete truth. Every lady that becomes part of our organizations, goes through a riggerious evaluation. Its called being a Prospect, short of a prospective member. The Ladies of the Knytes is a very honorable and prestigious organization, there to back every ,male member of the Knytes and/or the WolfPack. No matter the task, with NO questions asked. Part of the evaluation, is the paying of dues. The Ladies-of-the Knytes, pays $600.00 a month. That is figured into the Club(s) budgets. When that doesn’t show up, or isn’t there it messes with plans. To say the least , More on this in the early edition. 


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