You never can or should you deny what you are.

At the risk of ruining a rep, I had an epiphany earlier this evening. While researching another topic, I decided to do a Google search for lady combat pilots.  Know what? Very little. I want the genuine article, not some made up fare. Just like if I search for the hottest behinds in Wrangler boot cut cowgirl jeans. Nope hardly nothing. Didn’t someone take pics at the rodeo when this fashion was the IN thing? Apparently not. With that said, one of the things our media op does, is scout for hotties that are employed in the vocation of the subject of what ever we are producing at the time. Few years ago when the IKTA was hot, we said lets go out, find the most drop your stick in the mud truck stop waitress’s. Give em an award for doing an outstanding job, and do a photo session. The idea first presented itself in 1980 something, when we all as the WolfPack on a given Friday or Saturday night would be bent over a cup of Jajave at the old RoadRunner/I-80 truck stop in Bliss Idaho. One in there by the name of Cathy Exon, was one of 4 sisters who could melt cheese on a sandwich from a very great distance. Call em the untold under appreciated maidens of kindness to some of old road warriors. We did that for several years after. With that said, and with our new group on fb for and of us who treasure the pleasure, of hot babes, bikes, and booze called the three B’s,  We thought including the 3 other B’s, Babes, Byrds, and brew. Photograph some of the hottest still enlisted Marine and Navy female combat pilots, restored vintage warbyrds, and tour some of the craftiest Breweries in the area. Lets vote for the sweetest bar honey, aka bartender, in the kingdom. That’s what we do, take the spotlight off of the usual, and illuminate the obscure. 

With that said,its time for me to go to Bed, I have a fever of 105, my body aches, and with the crappy weather, I’m sleeping. 

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