Okay so I love tiny little flies, and introducing the Fly Girls Project.

UntitledOkay I’m strange, I’ll admit that. And perhaps its even more strange that I’m into a small mammal they are not insects, but a very tiny mammal just trying to survive, when all odds are against it. Same thing I feel, and am feeling here lately , That’s the other half of the Wolf tag that was placed on me. Waylon Jennings sang a song called, ” Will the Wolf Survive?” I feel my own survival is at a critical point. What both the Knytes were, as well as the WolfPack, we may never truly get back to. However we rather I keep fighting for our organizations as I know what we can do, and what few others can do. It just might take another change in environment to get there. Both ayre as well as going toewing. We did better in Wyoming, than we ever have done here in Idaho. Heck we even had honeys driving to Etown just for auditions. See Etown came to the realization, that what ever we did on breeding health and vitality to ourselves we also lifted up the town and surrounding area. Albeit somewhat covertly. Any mile I like tiny little flies. They don’t really hurt anything, they are smarter than most give them credit for, yes a fly can hear, yes they do speak, aside from the buzzing of their wings as they fly, and yes they can get attached to people, and not just for food. They will tease and be entertainment, if you just let them. Sure I’ve swatted a few, even turned the lights out for some of them when the population increases, but overall, I truly can be of the missing and loss emotion when they are not buzzing around me. Which brings me to Page 2.

Page 2

In the mid to late 1970’s there was a show that appeared on FoX TV called  In Living Color. Produced and created by Jim Carey and the Wayan’s brothers. On there was a trio of lovely ladies that broke into dancing between comedy bits and going to commercial breaks. Such gals as Jennifer Lopez was a what was billed as the Fly Girls. 

Now how does that relate to the WolfPack , you may ask? Nw here’s my creeping crud, on this. As much as I love being in the air flying, I’d rather be in a Helicopter than I would in a fixed wing aircraft. Don’t get me wrong I’m into both, especially military warbirds. However while new to military that started in Korea and is still a vibrant part of military flight, little is written, on Helo’s . Every notation, every AVWeb post and most of both AOPA, and Sporty’s always features fixed wing aircraft , where is the Helicopters?Where is the features on vertical flight? So who better to put together both a set of videos, launch a series on vertal flight, aka Helicopters, and feature the finest restored Military Helo’s with the hottest AyreBabes aka,as, the FlyGirls? So we begin, exploring what ever talent we can conjure up, both from the modeling world, as well as rreal female lady Helicopter pilot. Now Page-3

Page 3 Now the thing is, The WolfPack, while strong and exstatically, groovy, are not as difficult, nor the initiation process not as vigorous as the Knytes. My thought is simple we can grow the Knytes, by growing the WolfPack, and merging membership to both organizations at the same time. That all howled on. IMG_0145 (1)Why not go for the groove of kicking off a membership drive, for and of the WolfPack. Lets us create a WolfPack Magazine. Both in print as well as online? Now my final thoughts. 

My Final ThoughtsBecause of a fowl up with a bar location in Twin Falls in 213,  the Knytes High Council demoted me from being Exec Officer to Alpha Wolf for the WolfPack. I have not held that up very well. That changes, Until after the elections in late 2020 I will be that AlphaWolf of the WolfPack. that means, I’m doing more and plan on doing more as far as flying, and less time devoted on MC’s.  Until Early Morning,


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