Once Again all is copecacetic

Once again, everything at the Rode House is copacetic. Bills paid, and have a saw buck left. Now if PoohBear gets things right, should have enough to push through until November when my environment will change. I have up my mind that living in a trash heap dive, and not advancing any of my or the WolfPack’s tasks, and killing myself over nothing, is to state it breefly, putting me in the grave, much earlier than I would like. Having cable TV and something called wifi, included with my rent is okay, but both have severe limits. Guess when your used to a connection that is near fiber optic dedicated service, makes what I have now, is similar to driving a Caddy, then getting stuck behind a Toyota. its just worth $500.00 a month and the severaity that I’m under. My friend near Wendell, Idaho Kathleen, said that for every day, that I am under such stress, that I’m raking off at least 1 to 2 years of my life run. So what do you do?  I hate tossing your hat in the air and simply saying, it was okay, but understanding that dead ends are dead ends, no matter how much you want it to level off. Bro once said, ”  you can lead horses to water, but you can’t make it drink, and if you force its head in the water trough all its going to do is drown.” The gaggle of skeeters that I have had to trip over, is not worth the mere return on the investment, I have put into it, or what the WolfPack, put into it. Idaho, just has not and I think by choice, progressed enough to warrant us to remain on station here. I just can’t go much more. Let me give ya’ll a quik, example. I buy Goody’s Powders for my DVT and blood thinning for my diabetes, and all. When I bought a box of 80 packets, that would do me, for a month and a half. Since I have been here in western Idaho, I am taking two Packets almost every 2 to 3 hours due to the pain in my head over stress. That , many powders, eats at my stomach lining, which is why I had that ulcer bleeding out of the belly into the rest of me. And why 4 times last year I was in the hospital getting my insides mended. I’m taking more pills and medications, than I ever did before, and at that, just barely staying under standards to be able to fly and retain my GA license. Rather than loosr my ability to fly, I’m saying bye-bye to Idaho, hello Wyoming. and base AyreWolf Aviation in Morgan, as well as Bountiful SkyPark, in Utah. The level of my vision is 60% Flying, 40% toewing. Everything else including building bikes and customs is as I can fit it in, besides the radio op. I’m just tired . Speaking of good bye, see ya’ll here this after noon.

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