Finally some relief, and wuzz up with this Stink Toew Stuff?Welcome to AyreTymez.

Isn’t it comical , despite a slow speed on the wifi, here, it goes quick? Must be fewer people on it, a a better system. Some day , perhaps the tight wad over at NewLeaf Properties of Twin Falls, might consider a tech upgrade? Any mile, I’m done with that bunch. Secured a new pad in Twin Falls, with all the goodies, and piece by piece getting it moved. Except, that in the turmoil, of flying by the seat of my pants moving from Jerome, last year this time, I forgot my Bed. As such, need to nail one of those down. However at least the radio gear can be moved and rescued as well as well as resurrected. So I’m relaxing some. And I’m back on my schedule. Thanks, to Alicia here at the Tops Motel of Heyburn, Idaho. For allowing me to stay another night, although, not free, at least its better than sleeping on the hardwood floor, at the new place. Here’s some bewitching stuff. Alicia has the same last name as I do.(strange huh?) plus , she’s also a discharged squid. That helps, at least , she’s been where I am, and add to that she’s a member of the Church. Talk about black magic. So the fact that my meds are in a box, buried , my stomach is doing topsy turvy, and my nerves are about fried. And haven’t been eating as good or as often, as I should. Mostly because, been raking out $60.00 a day, since those Taco’s who manage both the Powers as well as the Evergreen, were in such a big gall darn hurry for me to move out. Why couldn’t they have just accepted the fact , my plans had changed and allowed me to remain there, at the Evergreen? It’s not like anybody truly moved in there to my old stall. Chute, its still empty, the one with the small kitchen-ette, is empty, and the Assistant PDA, is moving out this next month. Yep , yup, they shot themselves in the foot, all because I griped about a slow to none working InterWeb WiFi. Talk about Chicken Poop. 

toew tymez2

So what do WE mean by Stinky Toews? Or Stink Toew? Simple really. A stinky Toew, is not some putrid stench from some two legged heifer, nope. A stinky toew or Stink Toew, is one of those disabled vehicle recovery events that is extremely difficult to perform, and one where snow, and Ice has frozen tires to what ever soil substructure, making it to where you feel like your recovering against mother nature. Those tires seem glued, to the mud. That’s a Stinky Toew and/or Stink Toew. And its one of thise things we here at Heavy Rescue Toewing relish. Any old towing service, can snag onto a car or light truck, hoist it onto a rollback and drive away. It takes real, Toew Professionals, who can be out there in 5 foot deep snow at 30 plus below zero fetching a big truck out of a ditch, or as the name implies, recovering a rig back onto its wheels. That’s a Stink, Toew. 

Have a busy one Friday so for me its Lights out.

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