WolfHead Diary

Before we get in gear here, Let’s talk of again Yankkee stupid. Forrest Gump had it as Stupid IS as Stupid DOES, thing is there are some types of companies especially Telecom’s and medical types that have people that should or would be better off in the fast food, or housekeeping industries. Not a radio station, towing service and certainly NOT a air med/SAR company such as ours. This is not the first time that I have rubbed up against idiocy, in a large firm. The USMC left off Mechanics, on the tail of Aviation. Which meant of spinning wrenches on helicopters and interceptor jets, I was in Pensacola Florida taking flying instruction. That one I am proud to say I thank the powers that be includin Chesty, for. Then we move to medical things. Monday night was in a online version of Chess Titan’s. I was winning against a SSGT, in areas mideastern block . When I got up to pee. My area advisor said call the hospital. I did, and pretty well there of here came the meat wagon, and off to St. Luke’s we went. After dingling me around, I got checked in, and up to the 3rd floor we went. After tons of blood screenings, they concluded that I was severely Enimic. So they want to do a blood transfusion. I do not want a blood transfusion from someone I have no idea who it came from. Sure they say its safe, the blood is screened, and all, but unless I know where its coming from, I ain’t getting no Blood transfusion, just because I have a great circulatory system, and have ultra low blood preasure. Might have been from not eating for a half a week , lack of sleep, and the crap of getting booted from Burley. Hey , all I asked was a simple question, can they tweak the Internet connection and or did they realize it was not working well. Then exausting my bank account staying in the Tops Motel at $60.00 a night , but I get moved. Stretching my legs a bit found, the very shop where LexiBelle LexiBelle Wynged 2 and I first met and became a couple. A relationship that I would not depart from, short of greeting Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ. That old truck holds so many memories and treasures, that she’s not for sale for any price. So flying along here. Then found that 3 out of the 5 radio broadcast stations here are either folding, or have a serious lack of talent in both the engineering as well as on air departments. Apparently the very station, that I honed my broadcasting career at is interested in this old Wolf. So things are going in good direction. Classic Lodge of Evanton Wyoming denied my app, due to a piss pour credit score. However they in reverse did me a favor. Made me sit back and ask, why would you want to move where, I and our ATH1 No body is better at what we do than us. Guess that might be why CenturyLink, because of consistent blunders, decided to take a new chance with us. 

Okay then. Tother night at st.Lukes, which this time was much better as far as care went, had many, in fact carved out on my treatment board, COLONEL, mostly because I had 4 nurses , 2 nurses aids, and two doctors, that understood military protocol. One even had watched House the med TV show, one even looked a bit like Cameron,

Yea that great a package. Then after the parade of the administrative accounting staff, guess VA, and all benefits are confusing for interns, the dietician shows up, at which I need to ask the question, does dieticians or any medical staff, have the right or the need of power, to parade around in yoga pants that were so thin, if, she’d have bent over just the right way, I’d have said suprise. So then one who did not mind was a NG officer, who was always so close in the ER, stood within fanny cute20girl20with20american20bomber20nose20art kissing distance. And so I did, thinking that, I’d get smacked upside the head or told off like I was a few times at St. Lukes for my off beat Marine Aviator My Patch My Wings humor, she just laughed it off. Said she had been a trainee in a MASH unit in Iraq, so she understood. Guess it takes military, to understand military. Then another one as she and some guy that seriously needed a breath mint at 02:30 hours checking my vitals, and I got to talking. The conversation was on my favorite topic, ladies in Nylons. How many wore them, how many didn’t and w? So we talked on other things, we have Nurse 5 and dime for the calender. For you none military out there , the 5 and dime, is: the 510 EVAC hospital, of Vietnam. Our candidate has the exact Page-Boy hair style you saw on the old TV Show China Beach. ColleenFor you 411, China Beach was not pulled from the air because of ratings. It was pulled because it was too realistic and based on a REAL EVAC hospital unit. Colleen’s hair style is why, I dug on my old property manager Janet, of the Wentworth a few years ago. And yes , I did search often, to see if A she was wearing nylons, and yes I wanted to check out her footies. Never got the chance. I always wondered did she ever besides Church wear nylons? In closing My job here, is to report the news, views and not to make you snooze of our Covert unit of the 214, UCSMC AyreWolvez, aka the WolfPack, wolfpack1

L8R Aviators

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