Manure Spreaders.

Things ya’ll never completely thought of.

AyreTymez Mag Surface Cover1way of the wolf column sector1

Early Saturday morning. Fair breakfast, in the service truck out to the field. Fill the Trashy Woman, with goo, and its off into the blue to drop some chemicals on another farm field. Typical day in my day. Typical weekend, for me. Burley took a lot out of me. I do not have any serious plans on ever residing there again. It’s growing, but the wages aren’t, the attitude smells worse than this liquid dung in these spray tanks, and the town couldn’t tell or speak the complete if any at all truth if their lives depended on it. I go to Denny’s there, see Alex, ask if she’d be keen on a on air gig with our military radio station thing there. She says yes, but I’ll be John Brown Farmer if she ever showed up to visit or look at the documents and all involved in her employment by us. Then came TJ, hey; TJ has a package that would make any man water his BVD’s, but women, especially that part, is like a grand desert cake. The frosting and trim may be all great, sweet and tasty. But, when you get down to the real cake, its not as good, on fact a bit bitter. TJ restructured her instagrahm handle to onceabunny, from just simply TJ, no matter, T, has a place at my place , any time she wants it. That said, I’m not waiting. Been blown feces at enough over the last 8 years. All talk no action. That’s one of many reasons, that I’m into sexy women in hosiery. See if the gal wears hosiery on a first date or outing, gives me a solid taste, and treats me decently, then I know she’s a keep. If she just teases, rather than pleases, then my time is too valuable. later


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