More Time in the Cockpit, and studio, less time in the truck Cab,and on Facebook

So I finally climbed out of, and away from Facebook. As a result, not feeling any pain, and no big need to refyre that mess at all. What I need to suck wind of a bunch of tree hugging nerds and nerd-ettes? I do not think so. Geeky shit is no longer if it ever was any great hunger of myself. Don’t think I’m Liberal, but I’m not totally Conservative either. Kind of a middle of the asle and as such am a more rebel leaning, set my own path , yes anarchy way rather than sucking farts of a mindset that has expired long time ago but few that are willing to take a look and soak in the moisture it renders. So thern the next bit is one that has been heavy on my mind, and it seems that its exactly where I was in late 2013. Look I love going towing. I love the thrill of a recovery challange at 03:00 in the early morning on a 20 plus below zero night early morning. However there are more people here doing it, and less of the pie to cut up and consume. While as a company with Heavy Rescue and all it lessens the competition, still, its still less in the wallet. So with that, I have decided to climb out of and spend less time in the cab of a tow truck, and more time flying, and in the Left seat of a cockpit, of my choppers. In this case Choppers means Helicopters.  I can make $800.00 to $2k an hour flying, and about half of that going towing. Which would you do? As far as radio. Sure I’m there with both oars in the water, paddling like a Salmon trout. Yet As the Poem goes: 26417-Leonardo-da-Vinci-Quote-Once-you-have-tasted-flight-you-will

Which I seem to be doing more of these days. Look my time on this planet, is getting less. There’s still a bunch of things I want to do on this sphere of a third rock from a solar sun, thec last thing I want is to be weighed down by over responsibility, to PoohBear, and a bunch of no-accounts, that could not give a rat’s ass anyway. I’m not selling LexiBelle, nor anything like that, but until I can find the right place for the right amount of money, I’m in no big damn hurry to get back in that bed. More L8R aviators including some serious ass kicking in the AM, with techs and geeks, ast FB , WP, and a few others. If I’m paying for it, it best be getting done right, or I ain’t paying any more. 

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