Who needs to be Social? For that matter who needs that filth called Facebook?

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When you log onto Facebook, you will find, that I am no longer there. The Hazzard County Knytes will no longer be there and all the rest. We, more-over have just gotten tired and bored with it. Once a Social benefit, revolution, has become a social disease that, even our Church’s Presidency has told us to back away from. This situation was brought to forefront, by a young lady who piloted one helluva hot rod new era Camaro. She had the looks, the desire(or so I thought) to go full tilt on going radio. Turned out, I was mistaken. I thought there was something sincere, and real there with TJ, but just like every other thing on FB any more, its Fake. They ought to just flat call it Fakebook. And the grilling by the AOC, on youngster Mark Zckerburg, ya’ll just might see or be seeing the sunset of Facebook. Used to be Facebook, had news, real information, that turned to tabloid news. Most celebrities favor the sibling of FB InstaGrahm. Or Snap Chat. Most Celebrities, back away from the old FaceBook, as bad as a two year old from a plate of Brussels Sprouts. Might be good for you, but nobody is rushing to the table. Facebook’s ad rates are atroshush, don’t produce results, and limit your creativity in crafting a working ad. By comparison, I can go to Google My Business, and see real results, from ads running there, ALL of them for $25.00 a month, not $25.00 per click. The list of ills from nearly going completely broke, and having to go to just about every Church Bishop, I have been in a Ward of, has been the result of spending , money on FB for modeling/Acting talent that usually turns up of feminazi’s that have no idea how to be one of OUR kind of Models, much less an on air crew. Then there was the siphoning of the Knytes’s money, from the bank, by Facebook, for nothing. We were raking out $1,000.00 a month conservatively, with no results. NO THANK YOU. PoohBear asked why I was quitting FB? Do ya’ll really need to ask, my thoughts of FB goes like this: 3fPiss On FakeBook

Church in the morning. Although I have no real idea of what good that does. Sure worshiping my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ is extreme important. Renewing my promise to take upon me his name and keep his commandments, by partaking in the Sacrament. Beyond that the mumbo jumbo, show everyone how disrespectful we can be by wearing see thru tops, super mini skirts, and parrfume so strong they could knock a buzzard off a manure wagon. Church aids to Bishops that say they will be in contact. Bullsbreath. Over the past 15 years , I can count on one hand the number of Bishops, Wards and real Disciples of our Savior. Not a bunch of guys who, go to Church on Sunday to sell on Monday. Many of which are trying on shoes so they too can walk on water.

Finally: Last night in my slumber, I cruised by Marie Osmond’s grand staircase mansion, near Orem Utah. Now then Jay her younger brother and a few others were dining, and watching old movies. In walks Selena Gomez,(of all people) Hey I was getting a rise in my Wranglers okay? Now some say how could one get that kind of really far out visioning? Check this out>:side by side1 Put side by side, one can ascertained that one male corpuscle such as I could gain erectile altitude. Hey would not turn either of them down, and one I didn’t turn down. Okay then. One of the aspects of not having a FB account, is not having Shelly looking over my shoulder all the dang time. Plus verbiage can be What I want it to be on the Website, That I pay for, not what FB and its self centered bastardly infantile tech gurus think is proper. No good has ever came out of Gay Bay California, and it don’t look like there will be anytime soon. With a few swift clicks, or kicks, I pulled the plug on Facebook, and its going to be a long haul before I plug FB back in.

Church today so I’m horizontal. Again Who needs to be social? it still stinks13ffartit still stinks2


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