KnyteWolf Chronicles part 4

GOOD SATURDAY MORNINGGood Saturday morning, at least I think its morning. Finding mornings a real gas burner, since have no TV right now. A account safu with Sparklight, so doing lots of other things like reading online, since that, and writing are the only things online with CenturyLink’s REAL SLOW bandwidth, it’s not speed all though for things Interweb I feel the need for speed, but since it ain’t oh well. The dorks in the bean counting sales department of CenturyLink, as well as engineering departments can’t get it together to get me the horsepower as of yet, so we can go doing radio. FYI, can’t do that since Marci and Erik Johnson of Twin Falls who held the clubs radio gear in ransome which is completely against the law. The law says its a civil matter not yet a criminal matter. Which I’m firing back with a law suit, of $12k, a day, for the past year come December 1st when we got tangled up with them. I thought since they were aviators, that they’d fly with us better. The thing that tweaks me the worst? They still have my videos, both DVD and VHS, plus old Bessie our trusted heart of KTOW. $500,000.00 k ought to awaken their step a bit don;t ya’ll think. So turned to former Bishop of our Church, Brent Nielson.  Who because he was my Bishop, was a conflict of interest in such proceedings, so the hammer hits and the race in the courts of our area on that begins Monday at 11:00 hours. Okay then. The KnyteWolf thing. Understand KnyteWolf is not a time of day or night when I’m active. Although I am nocturnal any way, but KnyteWolf, is an amalgamation, between or joing together, of the Knytes-of-Dixie/Hazzard County Knytes, and AyreWolf Aviation.  It’s about toews as well as a radio show. As such we launch as of this morning the KnyteWolf WolfPack, If you love Gearz, with Stacey David on MotorTrend TV you’ll be all wet with desire for the KnyteWolf WolfPack. Which is a fan Club, for the radio show, as well as our TV Launch in mid March 2020. . Okay next:

Cooters GearzWhen we hear at Highway Hooker/Cooter’s Toewing, say Stink Toew is Us. It has nothing to do with huffing a womans smelly feet in nylons, although I have an acquired hankering for,like Brocoly, which as a kid you don’t lik it, but as our mouths and hunger appetites, mature, we accept it. Some even enjoy it, although I prefer, Okra, versus Brocoli. No, A stink Toew, or as I say it Stink toew, which I got from Heavy Rescue, 401. Jammie Davis said looks like a stink tow to him. What a stinky tow is, is; one of those towing/recoveries, that is much harder, than others. A rig overturned{which we specialize in} is a Stink Tow or Stink Toew. A rig burried in a snow drift. That’s a Stink Toew. I never conjured up the term on my own. For as long back as I can remember, a foot or and especially toe, or as I spell it, toew, was never meant to be a sexual fettish. Some french guy in DC, started a publication called PhooteNotes. Meaning news of towing. Later it became a tag we used, when the want ad classified publisher, started Tr-FootNotes. our industry has had this stigma, of putting feet and toes with our industry. So in my limited defense, why not use the offbeat humor of PhooteNotes, to make money. REAL CAse  for the cause of making money. When I first bumped into the idea of taking a snyde humoious joke of toes and tows was when off handidly, I tried to work that in with an ad for the TimesNews here, of toes and tows. Well, big Rick our native American bro, of the Knytes took a snap shot of me smooching his old lady’s toes. Yes she had pantyhose on, so Rick and the Club went one thing further, they contracted for a year of a billboard lease, and plastered that photo of me smooching his old lady’s toes. Being the business person I am I wondered how can I make that, make me money?  A few weeks later caught a ad on CH-6 out of Boise kissing a rich bytches hand in a bathroom, where he fixed the rich Bytch’s toilet. Saw a Yeller pages ad out of Star Valley Wyoming that read we don’t want your arms or legs, just your tows. Of course shortly after I colided with things Hazzard County-aka, the Dukes of Hazzard. So an intelligent producer worked up an ad where sweet Daisy, broke down in her Jeep, Cooter was called, and at the end of the ad, Crazy Cooter kisses Daisy’s toes. The tag read we Luv Tows. About 2009, I ran into a very sweet, gal at a dive in Bliss Idaho, who as it turned out was studying to be a Human relationship Counselor, aka a sex thearapist. The wheels started turning and we did a like run gig of a Dr. Ruth’s show. So one afternoon I was running on adrelinlin, like I am now, and mis-spelled tow as toe. So sweet Emme, said why not scrunch the words together, issmash em, and thus the word TOEW, and TOEWING was born. Nuff Said. So as I run out of fuel this morning thinking of bedding down on the floor again, although my Bishop, now got me a bed from DI, have no way to haul it home. Mini Wolf is down with an electrical malfunction, yes it’ll run as long as the battery stays up, trouble is if the battery pukes, so does it. Electrical fuel pump. Thank goodness LexiBelle, >(LexiFyre2<} has a mechanical fuel pum, and no saftey switch which means a push and she”ll stay running up battery or not. Not so for Mini Wolf. [>LiL Dixie profile<] . Any mile, I need to drift off. More this evening. 

full stink toew tag

Cooters Tag1 my tag sig 2

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