It’s a RW Monday, too many mice.

So woke up, went into the office only to find, that since I had not used my mini desktop compooter , that I had to try and remember passwords to even start the thing. So did some work around’s and here I am. 

Pappy's Journal1.jpg  So once there, and running am now in the throws of having to update all my settings, online programs etc. I’m sure, it’ll be the same with old Bessie once she’s returned. The golden days of simple computing are gone. 80% of it is on the cloud, not on your hard drive, which, means much of your data is hanging out there for all to see and not see. Mostly to,see. Internet BlackNet scoundrels are out there, to slam the brakes on your compooter’s get a long. While many claim to guard against such things , there’s always one idioticly prankster trying to strike it rich $ wise so your cyber stage coach is held up at Donners Summit. And at a ransom to boot, mil gogo boot left and give you a sore butt Women-s-Ladies-Girls-White-Black-Lace-Flower-No-Line-Sexy-Hot-Beautiful-Panties-Hipster-Briefs in the process.

So I wuz looking into the concept, of having one mouse to work two computers at once. So started thinking, why can’t they build a y connector like we have in audio, circles. Or something similar? I have way too many mice, and not just George, my moved in and getting fatter potent rodent. If I go to do something I always miss and grab the wrong mouse, click on the wrong compooter and screw much up, 600249_400058723435186_1372792552_n

But you Learn. As you get older, that the future gets dimmer. What you usedtado, yaw’ll can’t do it no more. Just like the song of old Waylon, and the Old Dawgs sang. Forget drinking, forget fast hot women, heck there are times even if I can get a stiffy, my mind over-rides my body and says, hey remember that kid you seeded a few years ago? Keep doing that, and you’ll have to pay child support. Your tool goes limp, and its best to shower off and forget it. The only high for me any more is 40,000 feet in the Lady>42402396_10156370746576391_9114642311236550656_o< or doing 80 pus on the Black Satin OutLaw(my trike). Either way much more rewarding. Of course, what will really snag my nuts is when Rick, finally fixes LexiBelle, or I go fetch her from Wyoming, do the rework, and get her back in shape. I’d love to take the Oriental, VC jackass who messed up my steering column plus tried to steal my baby three years ago. See that’s why its a off and on thing with me and PoohBear, shelly while I care very much for the lady even to the degree of a marriage, still she’s done plenty of damage. Both to me and the club, 80% of the malfuckntion has been due to her not being able to get in tune with folks in Evanston, Wyoming. So she says. It’s always I played with this one, or I sniffed the wrong butt $T2eC16V,!)UE9s3wCOt9BRedZZhEcg~~60_35 if she’d just left things alone, we could got past that $400.00 her brother swiped from us and went on, heck we’d have been married by now, even in the LDS Temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Why there? If you’d have ever been there at dusk by those water falls , you’d know why. As it is, its clean up her messes, work the business of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack, and try to reassemble my world. And you wonder why a bottle of JD or Scotch and plenty of Goody’s Powders are required for me to even get through the day. The wedding has been called off, PoohBear and my relationship is on the fence, and Im looking for that purrfect lady out there with $ means to share my world and dreams with, as She shares her’s with me. Not going in 100 different ways. Talking about going through a day, need to get mine started so, good numbers to you.



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