KnyteWolf Chronicles Part 5 , just once.

Good morning yaw’ll, it’s a Sunday Morning, that albeit yaw’ll see your breath vapor in the air, it’s a bit warmer this morning.

Last night had a stranger than strange situation, walked into the Twin Falls Idaho, unit of Dennys. When I did, there was this set of sweet cheeks doing the wait person gig, that I swore that it was my ray of sunshine Alex. But alas not, but dang she looked like they was twins in Twin. So ate and as I did, and while I don’t recommend this to anyone , as the recoil can be really kaddywampus, but this local fuzz was following me with his high beams on, and those are the LED type high beams. So I pulled into a parking lot, as he went by, I got on his 6. Pulled him over and wrote the prick for three things, failure to reduce light brightness when following or approaching another vehicle, Expired registration, and , (Yaw’ll will love this) no insurance. Had Jar head Steve, come out and impound the patrol vehicle, got the cop a taxi. So now I really need to watch MY 6. This prick will be watching. Angel and one of the cooks at the Depot dug the acronias verbage on that word prick. Yes its okay to say, I just pricked my finger, but its another thing to say, yup I was fingering my prick. Thank comedian George Carlin for that one. Had my early morning sea there and is all copacetic this morning. Even with the loss of my big computer , and the snails pace of CenturyLink, getting me what I need to run the station, I am feeling groovy. There’s no big rush on that crush. I will say this, I think at times to get off of the go-around of our online radio gig, still Ronnie and I were ratchetjawing at dinner, ( more on that in a few miles here) and scratched out the money, although I do not do it for money, I do it for the art and science of radio. But we figured it out. Our mini network/show/station, at only $100.00 per advertiser ad rate,we average $2,400.00 per day, $17,000.00per week, $68,000.00 per month. That’s on just one advertiser. That’s quite a chunk of cabbage to have lost over the time frame of 9 months. Which we have. That’s just a tad of over more than we can stomach. If you multiply that over the advertisers we do have of 5 that are consistent, that’s a huge amount of wampum, to have lost, guess that’s why the Syndicate is a bit bent, over it and that is also why I’m busting butt to resurrect the darn thing. So then;

In a few hours, normally, I would be pilgraming to Church. Not this morning, I’m headed to bed, however I am going to speak once again to the Bishop, of being ex-communicated and all records erased of me ever being a so call the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since I have returned here to this valley of Idaho, outside of two Wards, really one Ward, I have felt ostersized so bad that I just cain’t sustain upholding a religious  body who is more intent on making money, and having their heads up their butts so far that they are kissing the backs of their teeth. Started with the Ward in Wendell, Idaho where a family who lived next to me there on 3rde west, who are members of the Church, that was not hearing words of Church authorities when it was preached to be more accepting to those who did not share their same ideals. That led to having the cops called on more than once, that led to where money I could have made was lost, that led, to me having to nearly pull hens teeth(Chickens don’t have teeth) that led me to having to move to Jerome, where I was throttled up the anus by Church members who leased me a facility that they kept raising the rent at will without documentation or notice. That led me to Twin Falls for a time, then to Burley. Now that I’m back here this Ward is so stuck up that asking them, to help me move my radio gear what? 18 blocks where I might have been able to recover everything. Food assistance? not on this Wards dime. Help unloading my truck? You’d have thought that I was praying to them for a bit of male power. Not for me. So I’m getting off this ride. Maybe in the future I can rejoin the Church after my circumstances and the maybe(don’t push the maybe baby) marriage of myself and PoohBear. Maybe then, but in the words of Galron, but not today. 

Until later yaw’ll when we prowl again,

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