So I rolled out of bed, late last night:KnyteWolf Chronicles 6

As a nocturnal creature I’m usually awake and hunting prey over night, but had this eery gig happen. Woke up at just before 22:00 hours. Thinking it was already Monday began the drive on the day, cept it was 22:00 not 10:00 hours. So guess what just stayed working, reloading everything into the Lenovo, and getting busy. About 02:30 with my insides raging, I drudglingly headed to Denny’s where I sat, ate the new entray, of a Seniors Waffle Slam. One waffle, one egg, and two meats. No taters. Normally in Twinky Flatts, I go to the Depot Grill, where today is their 101st anniversary, (yaa=yy ) But outside of a very few on the weekend crew the food quality, and all just is not there. Neither is the happy camper keeping wait staff. For most there its , get in sit down, pay your bill get the frack out. Not much of a happy smile. 101st or not its hardly worth the effort to drive down there. So yesterday, I broke out some wiring, and got the Lenovo going. While its not Bessie, it does beat my slower than a snail, pace, it does give me back a full screen and a better key board. Funny how just swapping the computers, even CenturyLink does run a tad faster. I nearly said a tights faster, since I’m looking at a flick on Youtube on stinky lovingly caressable feet and toes in hosiery. Yummy. So then found Mr. Constable , must have gotten the legal maladies on his squad ride corrected. He sure was eye balling me. So just came grdginly home. Funny on the north end of town off of pole line, MetroPC works better than it does here at the Wolf’s Shack. I’m thinking I can just about do shows on our online radio outlet, with the Lenovo, yet I still remain catious, since CenturyLink is still slow, and my entire data files for KTOW are on old Bessie. On things old and musty. I am in thoughts of dropping Shelly, from my world, but  remember she still owes the Syndicate $25k, in legal fees, hospital bills, lodging bills in Etown Wyoming just to name a few, plus the $750k she owes me and the Syndicate for everything that’s went down here in Idaho since I moved. Brad and I were here drowning our woes, in JD and Coke plus 8 24 bottle cases of barley pop, and the thought came up, Have you ever seen a true Lady or female human, werewolf? Look I accept, that I am one. Is there a thing for a Male werewolf? There’s all these things, for and of queers, transgenders, LGBT folks and all, what if your a cross species between wolf and human? On the subject of so called hate speech or twat ever. FB put me in account limbo, because I said in anger that the smart move for President Trump, would be to load up all the Hispanic, and LDS people and ship em all back to nation of origin. This was not meant of hate. I don’t, repeat DON’T hate Hispanics. Our Blackfoot Idaho, sub charter President is Hispanic, one of the coolest and grooviest guys you could ever hang with. But the other day at Denny’s here, I counted no less than 8 families with 5 to 8 kids a piece, overflowing the place. Making me to where I had to wait to sit down. Denny’s has been the discount option, besides McDonald’s for the Hispanic community to chow down. So of course I’m there waiting. Finally a Twin in Twin for our Alex, saw me and sat me right down. Which gets back to the Shelly thing, I’m hanging in there until her debt is paid then its hit the highway baby for her. The loss of Bessie, even if it maybe temp, was the last toothpick. Any mile does Pantyhose make a woman’s feet smell better? Answer in my next report. Good morning yaw’ll.

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