History is in the making, and CL’s arrogance might have just cost them a renew client to Sparklight.

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So yesterday afternoon before 11:00 hours, waiting for Rachael to get out of traffic court, I went into the courthouse to see about the goings on, with Marci and Erik. Of course that was an effort against effort. These days Deputies, can’t go in and muscle for a person, it has to be done through the courts. Pissd I went outside, had a chew and made some inquiries to CenturyLink, who told me, where I was since the company is where, for right now, is where I hang my hat, take off my shorts and snooze that CenturyLink, could honor the deal. The dork from CL, said I should call SparkLight. Too, wit I wonder, you know that recording from them as well as any major company that says, this call may be recorded for service quality and for training. My question, do they really record the conversation? If so is it shared with supervisors, and or for training? If not, they got an ear full. So Called SparkLight. When I explained the farting around they did with us in Wendell,Idaho. They were willing to let by gones be by gones, and roll with us on the cyber highway once again, with a helluva bunch more horsepower. Which looking back had I waited and worked to fix the problem with SparkLight then, and never went with CL to begin with, the crap I went through then to Jerome, and then here, would haven’t hurt the wallet so bad. Let’s see, how CL, loves to stomach a $2,million dollar loss of revenue. No wonder both Hope Berson, and Jana Reese quit, and went to work, at Comcast. Hell Jana, had a complete nervous breakdown because of CL’s politics, over OUR account. It’s also why I never completed the deal in Evanston Wyoming either. They preached a great buy, but when it came to play the cards, and I called their bluff they were, a few cards short of a full deck, so went with AllWest, Communications, based out of Kamas Utah, that serves western and Southwestern Wyoming. That time it was CL, who the sales lady based out of Lost Wages Nevada, who even sent me her photo, sit in metro areas and think that’s what it is, everywhere. Rural and sub-rural areas like Evanston, Wyoming, Jerome and Twin Falls Idaho, are Sub-Rural areas. Might this be why Cassia County and Minidoka County created their own Telecom/co-op? Is this why CL, is loosing market share and customer base? Could this be why CL when based in Colorado, was nearly bankrupt until LG3 bought em out? With both Podcasting, and all becoming the biggest on demand music and entertainment sources in the nation, and although we and one in Ohio being the only two online Webcasting Radio Broadcast stations. You’d think that the guru’s at CenturyLink, would recognize that there are people out there taking advantage of the On Demand gig called Pod Casting and be making adjustments to policies. But nope. I was greatly impressed with SparkLight yesterday, on the phone and the speed and accuracy and professional treatment I got. Seems as a few out there recognize that there are struggling organizations, especially Veterans and Veteran organizations, based in homes of individuals working to make a better life for themselves as well as other in kind people out there. The Knytes-of-Dixie MC, and The AyreWolvez Aviation Association, are Veteran based organization, made up of Marine and Navy Aviators, who were and are brave enough to strap on an aircraft, and fly into harms way. Guess, someone needs to explain such things to CenturyLink. The funny thing is; when we had trouble’s with Cable-One when we housed the radio gig in Wendell, CenturyLink could supply us a symmetrical, connection of 20 up 20 down mbps, in a residence, with an excellent tech. Same went in Jerome, could a year have made that much of a difference? Could the location have made that much of a difference? Maybe they need to bark at Greg at 208-404-2097, better yet maybe Greg might need to think on retirement and work, for us as we’d hire him in a Hazzard County second. Yea, Greg is that good. Let ya’ll know what happens. I’m keeping the CL thing for a time, but it wont be a long term situation.

More This afternoon.


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