Big and Fugdugly and business suit and shirt type geeks need not apply.

A Howlin Morninknyte flyte

There is a mystery out there, that some employers must use to attract the eye candy for employees, and some how dance around the discrimination law suit garbage, then there’s us. With that I’m working on a strategy for doing the I ain’t hiring that, versus , come on sunshine let bathe in your light, thought pattern. There have been many that have asked, why does it matter that she’s not purrty, it is radio? The answer is as radio becomes more on demand, and online radio including more on view as well as hear content, if your look does not , look good, you’ll be the chat of the fence wall in the next morning’s postings on social media. You just have to have the eye candy. Plus too, who really wants to work in a studio with a 500 hippo, that stinks? Face it, these padded studios, of not much bigger than 20X20, with little to no air ventilation, is no place for sour pusses. Now the same response may come from a her working with you regarding you. I make sure I’m clean and smell good long before I go into the studio. But where else besides radio or media could this matter? Consider; a hospital room. It’s 02:00 the male nurse ventures into your space, to take vitals, begins talking, and has green pepper, sour onion breath. Your nose curls, your stomach is swirling, and your thinking get this done, then get lost.(had that happen, not to long ago at St. Luke’s here in Twin Falls). Of course your not looking about having to mask a stiffy, either, however there are some of the therapy techs, that look so damn good, you’ll split a vein just to get em to stick around a spell. Had one dietician tech that was so hot in her yoga pants, that you darn near could taste every drop, from a short distance. But let’s get back to my gig here.

There is the factor of us going towing. Most, not all, but most even though the industry is making strides, still seeing a tow jockey show up on scene, rather unkempt, and dirty uniform if any is as bad as that male nurse with the sour breath. Our drivers, always looks professional, always clean, and has more than a ride along training session. The locker room before and during the game mentality, is old fashion and no longer applies. Even if you do get filthy, have something clean in the truck, dress for success, not always look a mess. Of course one can go to the other extreme. I have seen and can’t remember hardly think of a difference, but every posting of someone in the media business, that’s a XO of some sort, always looks like a kin folk to Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory fame. I say don’t look trashy, but don’t over dress either. If your doing a rock station, format, especially a format of oldies , look the part. A bit of long hair, some tie die T shirt, and not looking like your in a trance of some sort goes a long way towards, impressing future clients. Especially when those clients might just be those with green to spend on your station. While it’d be great to see a more than hottie walk in the station, to work, in 6 inch or sharper heels, stockings and make up, still some measure of personal hygiene, and polish would go a long way, in the future of acquiring new sponsors. Attitude, looks and poise goes a long way to impressing us boys who make the noise.

L8R Taters.

BattleWolfTOW STARR3

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