With Some business’s attitude and attitude mean altitude.

knytewolf head1Pappys Journal 2

I usually don’t carve much out here on a Friday night, but things are bubbling here, as two weeks from tonight KTOW/HazzardAyre-KnyteWolf Radio goes back on air, at least Interweb Radio. Got the big deal, 1 gig, and TV in today, so feeling pumped. So with that lets truck down the topic tyme. With being gassed on the radio gig, and the fact that only a signature and all is all that’s pending on the new shop. The very shop, Where, LexiBelle, and I first met, is for rent and I’m getting it. Talk about DejaVu. So went to the Depot, in anticipation, of a full burger and fries. Yet I only got a Grilled Cheese, and tots. Reason, the folks serving were about as friendly as a band of badgers. Come on, so you had a long week, so your feet ache, so your tired, big deal , suck it up. Waiting tables is a direct to person, type gig. If your not able or able, to tend tables or greet clients and make them feel better when they come in, for heck sake, stay the heck home. What I saw was a bunch of swine, running around, cackling like a bunch of old hens. For the same money, could’ve went to Denny’s had soup as well, and a better than when I came in feeling. If you want a tip from me, want me to return? Then be a bunch happier or quit, go to work for a grocery store. Okay then, and I’ll get into it further in the early edition, but if your watching TV or reading a rag of some sort, if you see a photo, can you smell her perspiration? Can you smell her Pheromones, can you taste her sweaty feet? Especially if she’s wearing nylons? If so great, the model and photographer is doing their job, if not your not getting the full effect or groove that the producer and/or writer intended. Back in 2013 after I had made the move to Ogden , Utah. We had the radio gig in view and wanted to give the thing a bit of a spotlight to catapult the gig to the next level. So after much tribulation, locked onto Talent Management Group, one of the very few pro talent agencies in the region. There was a mid 30’s something talent that stood out. Her name is Michele Wilson, who came dressed for the audition. The rest were not following instruction. Right down to the slight aromatic smell of her nyloned feet. This I knew would translate onto video. The entire thing is not limited to strictly that of a carnal, physical thing. Take food ads. If you can’t smell the sauces, if you can’t taste the noodles, if you can’t feel the fabric, then whoever is doing the ad, both actress and or writer/producer again is not doing their job. If it’s not carnal, if its not food? Then where else might this be important in an ad production? That in my next report. Until early morning I’ll just let you wonder. I will say this, when we look for on screen talent for our organizations ads for TV and print, I look to TMG. Again, until early Morning.

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