Why worry about competition? When there is no competition?

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This is my final entry at least for tonight into early morning Saturday.

So after many weeks which felt like months, I finally have TV, and we’ll see if the wifi and 1 gig hardwire lives up to claims. That all said , after watching TV most of the evening, what I found was the same old fodder, with nearly the same ads, with the same BS as I saw in Burley, on that system. There just isn’t anything new, or for that matter, sit up and watch all night, which was the slogan tag for the USA, TV network a few years back. It was called Rhonda’s Up All night with some grade b movie, that would have never seen on prime time TV. So out of frustration was looking over the cable channel landscape, and stumbled upon, a thing called PowerNation, a revived version of the PowerBlock that saw daylight in the late 90’s on the TNN and then on CMT. Which because of some narrow minded execs, was turned over to SpeedVision. The history there is a long one, but it involved quite closely one of our subsidiaries, SpeedWrench Towing. So watching PowerNation, saw this blonde-ee that peeked my curiosity. Most of what I call the pitch or host models, do not know a spark plug to a lug bolt. They just have no idea. But they do make you give the various shows a look which is why they are there to begin with. To attract some pimpled faced gear head, to watch and perhaps learn. I was reading in one of my two wheeled pubs about the fact that many male corpuscles, can’t replace a flat tire, much less revamp, restore and uprate their rides. If they do, claim a ride, they sure as heck did not build it themselves. It’s a shame. Even here in suburban/rural towns and areas like Twin Falls, who used to have grand auto mechanic programs, even those in the more smaller rural schools, like Wendell, or even Hagerman’s, such things as Shop class, along with FFA, programs have been cut, if not crap canned. While there is no disagreement, that today’s rides, of all types, makes and models are computers on wheels, the respect of old skool rods and customs has been lost on this generation. They flat don’t care. Fill it up and at minimum check oil, is all they know. Where are the next crop of auto and truck under the hood guru’s coming from? Urge your child, tween, to teen, to get their hands greasy, grab a wrench, and catch a whiff of 120 octane nitro methane.

So then crept in and glanced over FakeBook. There just wasn’t anything there. Kind of the same solitude feeling I get when I get nominated and attend the CMA Awards. A big bunch of hoopla for nothing. In FakeBook’s defense, the masses have been migrating elsewhere in droves. No wonder, FakeBook is a social site experiment that has ran its course and needs to sit up, do a bit more, or be washed out entirely. Let some new creative juices flow there. Of course, FakeBook isn’t really motivated to do anything outlandish either. They have no motivation to , after all; who is goofy enough to try to compete with FakeBook? What would push FakeBook to enter in the fast re-moving craze such as self publishing? As my Mom used to say, the bird that flies too high , usually ends up in a bullshitWhich defined for some not able to lift your minds above the ground floor, that when you think your unbeatable, watch out there’s a Jonny Reb, out there ready to do battle, even in the cyber wars. I have found one such that could easily do battle with the Google’s and FakeBook’s, out there. It’s one of the oldest social networks out there, and very simple to work with. It’s called Lycos.com . the Knytes have their main e-commerce websites through them and will be taking the cover off of our revised website, as soon as we get everything done in the photography department, as well as have our really great friend Vickie at TMG agency based in Salt Lake City/Murray Utah. She has great talent, and while they could really use some serious video training, still you can’t argue with success. Not only has TMG supplied a lot of the stand in’s and walk on’s, on many Disney based shows, from Andi Mac, to the new series which premiered on all of Disney/ABC channels, High School Musical, the series. Vickie, knows her stuff and why I’m not only glad and proud to call her my friend and associate, but the Knytes and the WolfPack as well. More in the mid AM, its sleep time.

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