If anyone invents or creates a emoji, for completely stupid, it’ll sweep FakeBook.

KW HCG HEADER1knytewolf midknyte ryder

If anyone, creates or invents one of those emoji’s for being completely stupid, it’ll completely sweep, and dominate social media, including FakeBook. Comedian Bill Engvall had a hit out with Travis Tritt several years ago about here’s your sign, that handed people a sign, that simply read, “ I’m Stupid” I’m thinking that could be an emoji, {2922729641_a029279039} which would be a intelligent thing to do. So went to sign into FakeBook, a few ago, what did I get? A secure my Account notice. Must be someone , using my old Bessie to sign into sites, that were merely automatic. Eventually that old computer will surface, especially after I file the law suit for a 1/4 million green stamps. The Club will nearly own a serious part of or completely the assets of the people that swiped it all. Karma is a witch, vengeance might be the Lords, but Justice is the Knyte’s, and a severe wound is the WolfPack. I will not stop until I pull the teeth of the assholes, that fully took advantage of not just me but that of the ClubSleeping half-moon(s), Some people know better, more are completely ignorant, or arrogant. Thing is some public education via Knytes honor Guard is required. Today is going to be a day, and I’ll need plenty of rest. Monday its set up the trappings of the radio op, have coffee at the Mall, to scan the public, and get things done regarding the shop. Stuff is going to change, quickly. The wrong do-ers, are going to hurt. More later overnight.

L8R Taters;

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