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knytewolf southern xposure Xposure so It looks like once again, I am in the grand FB Jail. Where you only see, but can’t contribute to topics that you find strongly about. The basic foundation, of Zuckerburg’s social media experiment, was to not, repeat NOT censor contributors or placement of ideals. Yet by them saying not on our site, they are doing exactly that censoring content. Of course the hand and wrist slapping, little golden boy got by congress this year and last year, might be why more examination is being done by FB’s powers that be. The thing is for every two of my questionable postings there’s at minimum of 4 that are placed, usually by women or scummy women looking for a snag in the dark, and not really looking for any kind of serious relationship. Many on there have no sincere knowledge of what a serious, no pull apart he-she mating, for emotions as well as carnal desires. Who cares? FB is aging and becoming a dinosaur of its own making. And soon will be like so many that have faded into the sun, social, interweb sites. It happened to Yahoo , chats. It happened to MSN’s chat rooms, and it happened to MySpace, and it soon will occur to FakeBook.

Okay, slept most of Saturday, I’m convinced that Saturday is the day of rest, Sunday is the day of learning of sacred things and nourishment of the soul. So about 19:00 ventured to the Maverick store I like best, and was shocked to see another hottie working there. Must be that college is in session, and lots of students are hunting ways of generation of supplemental income to fund school. Talk about auburn hair? Whew, took my breath away. So came back to the Wolf Hut, and did some screen art, needing feeding went over to the local Walnut, here. Does everyone just get in a ryde, and turn the key and turn off their brains? Glad I learned Hazzard County driving skills, or I sure would have ended up colliding with someone. I am convinced that if the powers that are would place a drivers ed, manual, in the back, middle or somewhere in the Book-of-Mormon, local drivers might just get the idea of how to drive a ryde, rather than just herd it. So since I was there and it looks like I’m going to end up replacing my aged Bessie, since shy of a gun and a damage crew, Bessie is all but gone. So meandered to the Computer of our local Walnut, and found that, to get a new computer with the horsepower that I need and all , so asked the folks there if I could get what I wanted with an AMD processor. The kid had no idea. I simply explained to the freak working there, that if they can’t people there to help sell these products, maybe they ought to get out of selling these products, mainly Computers. Seems as much as the Tragic Valley advances, the more it goes in reverse. Yes Twin Falls and its surrounding area IS growing, but I think, the valley and its people, needs to crawl or walk, before it runs a marathon. It’s just not ready for this. Question is, and this might be a my location only thing, but are all or most of Walnuts employees stupid, or just mentally challenged? BTW; Found that one of our fellow associates, who was my PSR, is now a Walnut associate. Guess the head shrink schooling he was doing fell in the ditch, or perhaps toilet? I will share more on this in the PM Sunday, but working around the house today, heard the sweet sound’s of a old two lung, poppin Johnny, outside. That’ll be on the Deere-Dazzlerz, Report here in the Gazzette.

Church in the mid morning and the Mayan’s are on FX, L8R Taters.

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