The question was asked at the reunion meeting of the KnyteWolvez, Has the big stink been done before?


smut phoote report1Teat was about the 5th tokillia and several lemonades, when the guys, started doing that remberance thing. When it came to the infamous toew smooch, one asked, had I ever went through a full out of mind experience of being completely smothered in stink toews in nylon hose? Beyond Nurse GoodBody speak nothingoopsalasweet toews it happened once and only once. Robin{Miss Dixie Diesel 1993} who let me have all the foot access I could endure, when I was about 16, years old and having to stay with this family whilest Dad and Mom went to this Shriner’s thing, I stayed with this insurance friend of Dad’s. So it was a Sunday, went to a Church, I’d had never been to before, and upon arriving back at their flatt, this insurance friend of Dad’s had to go to his office. So the wife and daughters were there alone with me, talk about a buffet , of hosed toes? The suggestion of, could a man endure near suffocation, if he were smothered by toes in hose? So I proceeded to lay flat on the floor, and daughters, wife and some friend did just that, smothered my face under feet, and I felt that heat. But that’s the only time a full on, get me under foot had ever taken place and BTW, hasn’t happened since. Any Takers? Church today so need to catch some zz’s.

L8R Taters;

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