Women, must hate to be photographed on their right side profile, and really hate their feet.


I am convinced that women really must dislike getting photographed on or from their right side, and really must dislike with showing their feet. For that matter few photos of trucks and toew trucks are taken from the right side. Question is why? There are a trailer truck load of photographic mistakes I see. Many involving catching a pic with the afternoon sun at their back, its better to have a morning sun at the front of your subject, rather than the glare of an afternoon sun through a window at their backs. Then too, and many should, taking pics with bare feet. Or no hosiery feet and legs. Enhancing an already course skin area, it just looks like taking a pic, of a rig with peeling paint. Look at this one, that looks snazzy until you look at they’re feet;>a3c262b0f0ec863523b2883c580ed09f

61931315_394079294782986_2213243557261606912_nthose fugdugly heels and no stockings just looks blasé. Some light Kelly green nylons, and sharper heels would have made that photo pop. No fore thought was given there.

Pappys Journal 2So as you may have not noticed by now, decided not to go and consume Church today. Look I know, not just believe, but know the gospel of the LDS Church. What breaks my heart, and sears my soul, is going to a service and finding that the preaching and talks are just lip service. Having Children get up to give testimony of that gospel, when they need to be coached by their parents, is not baring testimony, its being handled like a puppet. The concept of service to others, goes in one ear, and out the other. What service. You have to nearly beg, and even then its only half ass’d. If the Bishop, asks someone to give a talk, the response always, is “ Well the Bishop, called me and urged me to give a talk on, such and such””.” Really ? If a Bishop were to ask me to give a talk, I’d be so over joyed that I couldn’t wait for Sunday to get here. Speaking of Heavenly Fathers plans and relating his son Jesus Christ’s teachings, is a privilege, and should not be a Burdon. Then there is the clothing duplication. Every Deacon, passing Sacrament, looks the same. Reminds me of a flock of Penguins. Sure dress up a bit, since YOU are going into the Lords house, but the Lord has no problem with you in humble threads, like jeans, a suitable T shirt, if you look up OutLaws Prayer, by Johnny Paycheck , you’ll better understand what I’m saying. Too many Church members are into the superficial, part of Sunday meeting, rather than its substance. When a sitting Bishop, says they’ll help you get something done then backs out, that aims me in the retreat get out of there mode. When a LDS Bishop, is too busy to even sit down and counsel you, it tells me I’m not wanted there. So why go? Turn on KSL watch Music and the spoken Word, study scripture and pray. I do not need to socialize with a bunch of hypocrites. When I resided in Evanston, Wyoming a few years ago, and perhaps Mark, spoiled me, Mark always had time to sit down with me to advise me of what I needed or should do in a given situation or tother. I had that in Jerome, at the Jerome 1st Ward, and at the Burley 5th Ward. Here in Twin Falls, I’m a bit soured on going to Church. Not quitting the Church, just preferring a bit of self study, and not going.

More L8R Taters, me needs Sleep.

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