There is no reason, for anyone to be stupid anymore.

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In our modern era, there is no reason, for anyone to be stupid, nor ignorant any more. I talk to many and hear the local radio talk shows. Seems as though so many have an opinion, except much of that opinion is of a very idiotic mis directed knowledge. There is just no reason. The Interweb, the TV, and all combined gives us or most of us a view of the goings on in Government, local, state and Federal. The what’s happening, where its happening and why its happening is so all over the place it ain’t funny. Yet all too many especially our young student aged tweens and teens have no knowledge, nor even desire to hear about politics, and national as well as local. And yet, all the information one needs for the most part, is at your finger tips, at your keyboard, and/or your smartphone. We as parents, and commerce business leaders need to be encouraging our school youth to flat get involved in elections, and such , not just focusing on sports. Yet as parents many provide and contribute to football uniforms, rather than lifting up band and or choir classes. Acting Class’s etc. We just don’t do it. PE or Physical Education is all but gone from our school systems. Farm life is becoming Urban life, 80% of our youth couldn’t hand milk a cow if they tried. Gone are AG or Agriculture Education, or Agri-Science courses. FFA and other similar programs are being cut. These same youth will become the future leaders of this planet. We need to do a better job, of getting brainiacs being cultivated, not just how to throw a football, or dribble a basketball. How the Knytes are involving them selves in this quest, next entry.

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