Some hours, I just think FB must hate me. Peeps put up pages and groups, then don’t maintain them.

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Some days I get to thinking FB must hate me, the Knytes, and certainly the WolfPack. You go to post something on a group or a page only to find, that the page really has expired, or you were just set up to let your finger go click bait walking. While I don’t get to all our Pages and groups, which is why, I don’t shyt can my entire FB account, I do try to post something on a steady basis. Of course all the puter freezes aren’t FB’s fault. Some is done to error for caution, on matters concerning client security, or at least selected clients and subscribers. The other is some of those switchers and server sites across the nation are pretty well frozen themselves this time of year, so a lot of things don’t work right. Then there are those group and page creators. They set up a great page/group, yet do not maintain it very good, if at all. Example; went to a group/page called OutLaw Country. Posted a question, and wanted to show what happens when ultimate sensuous beauty fades on hit Kountry, honeys. I simply asked if in fact in todays politically correct society of today, women pride and all if such a variety TV show like HeeHaw-HeeHaw3could be produced today? A simple question. Could not post that to save my grits. Then wanted to show, what one of the Lonely and Forgotten Princess column advisor(on that show) Lisa Todd tDOVrGLtnmvJh46dI3H8iQHaK_Looked like today. Again, no could do. Of course, that was back in a era and a day when doing Television was fun, creative and really free of so many money grabbing Unions, and regulatory agencies in the pocket of performers, artists, and radio/TV stations. Today from Seasac to Aftra, there is always someone out to either bring a law suit against someone in the business, or for that matter a fan. Doesn’t anyone do it just for the art and craft, of acting, comedy, music, anymore? I asked that same question this afternoon at lunch, with a colleague from another station. I asked him about his home studio. The cat didn’t have a home studio. I furthered inquired, why ? Don’t you like honing your skills? His answer? Why , we only get paid just a bit over minimum wage to sit and push buttons. There is no pride in our industry any more. Then I took a trip down memory lane earlier today, and remembered an article in a trade publication, on broadcasting asking do you remember? This was the first example of broadcast automation>rwf-automation-automation-rack01-353x360and the demise of the LIVE radio person. What we’re doing to right that wrong , next entry.

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