Want me ? Prove it, if not, don’t rattle me .

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Tuesday was a happening. First off , dropped a load of 22/5 truck tires on my foot, off a forklift, went to the hospital, got that bandaged up. So pain meds in hand and a ride home, tried to catch some needed sleep time. Not here, while its been said that children are the trophies of Christ, they can be noisy. More over parents correcting such are even more noisy. No sleep. Was going to call Gary to go over and do duty getting the shop into our name and all, but my leg swolled up like a turkey drumstick, so started working on graphics for a few 2 wheeled projects we are working on. Ate some chicken salad, tater chips, and moo juice, and began intaking House on PoP TV. Then looked over my Twitter account, and saw, this outfit named BeNaughty.com , says no credit card needed. It’s a supposedly, a discreet quick mating site, that is a far cry from what it claims to be. Seems as though one or two of the folks involved in marketing the thing, caught my profile from somewhere. Then got notice from them, that some locals were interested in sniffing the old Wolf here, but also saw a notice that my profile PiC knytewolf 1Awas rejected. Why? because it contains a free link to the radio gig, and our media center, and a albeit claimed but falsely executed free connection. Why don’t these outfits, just say, credit card required, even to respond? Be honest about it. But being seen, but eventually ignored, FakeBook. I see all kinds of sweethearts and wanna bee’s that will do everything including stripping  naked , so I engage a friendship request. Reason? No I ain’t shopping for a mate, but candidates for legit paid on air and on screen video projects that are NOT PORN. However, I will not beg, and more important with all that I’m into, I don’t have time to dance around with honeys that do not respond to even a hello. Andrea, down Etown way. Don’t know her game. She knows that all she needs do to improve her reality and environment is board the next bus from Etown, Wyoming to Twin Falls Idaho. No matter how many invites, she never answers. So in my Wolf rules, no howl back, your out of our, and mostly my WolfPack. Face it, bringing in $10,k a month, from us, as talent fees/wages may not be much , but for unknowns and nearly unknowns it’s a helluva good monthly pay check. Add to that our upcoming TV show on both MotorTrend and PowerNation, by the same name as our MC shop HCC, the right model/video recruit, could be taking home a half a million, by end of the next year. But hey, ignore us, close the door on me, there’s plenty of eye candy squeeze in California and Florida, that would give oral, just to be part of what we do. So with that let me close as I have a huge day Wednesday, so let me finish up and say, want me? Want a career with the MC? Fine, if not don’t bother me. And for BeNaughty.com, you’ll do much better if your honest and tell wuz up, not say no credit card needed.

L8R Taters.


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