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So was having troubles with My Metro PC phone service, so called their tech line. Of course they growled a bit since I had not up graded my phone, and could not verify my account. Really? What was worse was trying to communicate with some lady that you dang well know ain’t from Texas, but considerably further south from there. Is a customer care line or tech line always have to be staffed from somewhere in South America or a Pacific Islander? Even an Indian, with a name like Hindu?  They say that with T-Mobile which is the parent company of Metro PC, you’ll never be put on hold, nor will you talk to someone in some place other than the good Old USA? Really? When? So with me getting so mad and all I figured what the hell I’ve had this a bit too long, so am considering going back to Verizon, pending that I can keep my current phone number. I’m tired of fielding calls from some old lady named Ida. Thing is can we get quality customer support from any company, telecom or not, with real, in THIS Union Nation, not some Vietnamese or Tokyo person answering the call? Even if you do get routed to a in county call center, 9 times out of 20 you’ll not talk to a full bred American, and never one of our southern brethren. Never, As Jeff Foxworthy once said, our southern accent is not one of the most intelligent accents. Horse poop. Southerners are some of thee most intelligent human beings on the planet, we just made up our own language, mostly to confuse those Yankee Army fellers.

So finally reached Verizon, seems that when I pulled the plug on em, a year ago, only because I could not get to the store to pay my bill on a weekend at 03:00. Sorry, I am in the toewing bizz friends, I REALLY, need a phone. Speaking of which with both my Telecom vendors I have landline phone service. No hand set yet, but have the service. Just as a back up. So been grooming this one honey down at the Maverick Country Store that I go to late night into overnight. She’s one of those quiet librarian types. Hides behind glasses, and acts meek. I’ll bet dollars to her cinnamon rolls, that out of that store environment, and turned loose, that house kitty, would turn into a lynx in nothing flat. I’m picking by hand (so-to-speak) my support staff, as in a year or so, I plan on doing battle directly with A1, and J&C, Towing. When Charlie was alive, I had too much respect for that company to invade their turf. However now that Charlie is towing the Angels in Heaven, The loyalty is a bid faded. From what I understand, the mighty fortress can be invaded and conquered. Since A1, and J&C, do primarily auto or car towing, I’m focusing my efforts at doing large trucks, aka over the road or OTR rigs. So we have combined two companies into one, and will light the candles with the handle of Highway Hooker/Heavy Rescue Toewing. So then tried to catch some milk and cinnamon buns. So trucked down where Janie works. No Janie, some two wheeler. Yea a guy. Wonder if he saw all the blood drain from my body and disappointed he was there instead of her. No Buns, no yummies, so bought some donut holes, some sort of weird finger sausages and a quart if milk, and came home. So thing too is, there are times, I could use a bit of help around the old Wolf’s Rode-House here. I forget things, forget to take my pills and essentially need to be reminded to go see a Doctor. So did a search and all on What a pain in my groin that was. Tried to give em my CC #. nope that didn’t work. Then saw a few on there, that would fit, maybe. If I’m going to rake out and get someone for $30.00 an hour partly paid by the VA, and all, she’d better be a blonde hot nurse or it’ll never work. No wonder they have that little girl with the dimples, asking if she’s cute, pitching their services. Although two bits says that same little girl is right at 17 years old by now.

In closing here, If this is still the good old US, of A states, and all can we get product and/or service calls answered by Americans that can and do speak understandable English, more over Southern States English? Must be, but we keep praying. First Years service for the Amalgamated Church of Dixie here in Twin Falls, Idaho. Will be on the 6th of January at the old location, at the Rest area, near Hazzard Idaho starting at Noon. Bring your Bibles.

Until L8R Taters;

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