You must be pretty bawd if you get rejected by


Ya’ll know that you must be evil as can be when you get rejected by . Of course maybe they need to keep that 17 year old pitching their services for children and get out of the elderly ADULT care business. I was chatting with one my future associates down at the Maverick, last eve, before I came home and completely died. Which I’m not quite sure what they are doing, whether they are moving in, moving out, or going through a divorce. Who cares? Except when she and those rug varmints are not here, its not the thundering noises upstairs running across the ceiling keeping me awake. And my if they get out of line, she comes in and yells and you can’t help feeling bad for those kids. So My sweety down at Maverick, and I were talking, and as bad as it is; I as an individual, have never EVER forced myself on any lady, physically or any other way. While we screen for on air model talent, wish we could just secure one agency and have them do it, but alas no such resource in Idaho. Here you have to hand pick that kind of fruit. So why would I being of in the 60 lap of life, needing home care, be rejected by a big corporation like Simple; I think, and its just like that, when I refused to give up my credit card 411, rejection notices came in the next day, or early morning. What get’s me is why you can’t ask why from these huge online outfits? Especially if your rejected. Their FAQ Help service is of no help. What I want to know is the answer from someone from inside the company. Yea pretty Bawd if ya’ll get rejected by .

knyte wolf wolf howl2 So I got up at what I thought was 23:00 or so, it only dawned on me when I looked at the clock on both my phone and in the dash on the General, that it was 05:00. Did I sleep that long? Changed the entire picture of what I was going out for to go eat. As I looked into the sky, to marvel at God’s handy work, I was astonished at the beauty of the full moon, shinning through some very fluffy clouds. It looked like it had snowed on the lower sky lid. Or upside down. Then I read on some FB group page that hovers on LDS things, that I should do a bunch of things. I haven’t completely lost my faith, and while my Testimony of the church scripture is extremely strong, the Testimony of those any more in charge of teaching those scripture lessons is very tarnished to say the least. Look, it don’t matter none, of what denomination it is; Mormon Catholic, etc. Even evangelistic , organized religion, is at best a farce, and a money grabbing gimmick at the worst. Partaking of the Lords supper and all renews my agreements with Jesus Christ, but when I get asked by a Bishop, how am I doing with tithing? I think, is it my soul they’re concerned about, or what’s inside my bank account, they’re worried about? Look I have been blessed by and from Church members, several that I’d lay down my life for, but equally almost is a bunch, that I’d like to smack upside the head and remind some Church leaders locally, that they seriously need to not just preach but practice what Church authorities have been talking about at the last few conferences of acceptance of those either not of our denomination, but too those who for various reasons have chosen to distance themselves from the Church. As I have. Not due to hate, dislike, but that my heart says these people should not be in charge of administering the messages and instructions from our Authorities. Even the Authorities, I cannot, fully sustain, as I do not truly believe those there now, should be there in the order they are assembled. But I drift off. Going to sluth off for a few to watch the impeachment hearings. Will be back here this evening.


knytewolf cydegood night

The End

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