When FB gets a hard on for you, it really gets to be a mule. And Welcome to Heliport, Helicopter Supply Company.

AyreTymez Magazine Main Cover1l_a46921fd37684b72b63125f9603167c8

aYRE cOMBAT jOURNALWhen Facebook gets a hard on with your account, they can be a MULE or rather stubborn on allowing you much latitude in movement on their site. Course many of these website thingies anymore are like that. Even if you get something else, on one don’t expect much in the way of independence, from other tech outlets. Piss one off, your frowned on by many of the others. Remember; beit, WordPress, Facebook, or Google to name a few, they all eat and chat at that Oriental noodle place in mid town San Francisco. Any mile.

Went to Church, not a bad service, but the ice I think is beginning to thin out a bit. Whole different attitude this morning. I still have only one problem with our denominations services. Those dang crying babies and toddlers,. If me or my Step brother Steve had acted that way in Church our butts would be beet red by the time we went home. Granted 3 hour blocks were bad, so now they shortened them, but still, tell the dang kids, just shut the hell up I’m trying to hear the lesson. The members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, flies and mice all have one thing in common. They breed uncontrollably , course if you can’t smoke , drink, or party, gotta do something for fun. Mini vans and SUV’s were conjured up in the first place, to accommodate LDS families. I call em Mormon Troop Carriers. Any questions?

And finally , started work on our op, called Heliport, Helicopter Supply Company. Heliport, is a helicopter, All helicopter parts and accessories supply house to be built out by Joslin Field, aka the Twin Falls County Airport, Twin Falls Idaho.

Stay tuned.

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