KnyteWolf KnyteCyde Mysteries Part 1

KnyteWolf Silk Stalkings1KnyteCyde Mysteries

In the spirit of the year and all, and because I’m old enough to remember these kinds of things, not a curse, but a gift, with the ideas of 3000x3000_14248914dae2540589f779e3e9cfe8c9007df558 when your radio on the table was your entertainment source, rather than the mundane TV as it is now, we Present: The KnyteCyde Mysteries. Cool for an opening huh? So was cruising over my fakebook pages and newsfeed which is less news and more breed feed or attempted breed feed, I saw this little cup of sugar that’s been teasing me for at least a year and a half who lives in Buhl, at some Stop & Go type store there. She first came into my view and the visions of the WolfPack when we doing our talent searches from Wendell for the Network, This honey pops up. Yet for some odd unknown reason, plus at the time, not as it is now PoohBear weren’t too keen on the idea of this Krista. Today it’s a whole new ball game. I’m for the most part healing from that disaster, plus the , I couldn’t take a crap without PoohBear being there with the buttwipe, and looking once some smoke is cleared on legalities, punching this radio beast into warp drive. Which is going to take a ton and a half of a tractor trailer load of serious work, if we are to make our sign on date in March next year. That means TV ads, both locally as well as across the nation, every gear head, motornut, that tunes into both MotorTrend and/or PowerNation on NBC will be seeing our ads for all things HazzardAyre and of course KnyteWolf/AyreWolf Radio. But that’s only the nipple at the top of the teat. We have been given a yellow/green light to develop two TV shows. One on Military Warbird Aircraft,  as in reconstruction restoration of same, including helicopters. Then of course our version of a medium to heavy truck repurposing show where we feature really rebuilding custom trucks and not just consumer light trucks. Of course that will be part of our Southern Steele legacy. We introduced that idea in 2003, and have built it silently since then. Southern Xposure is a heritage/ historical Confederate everything Southern TV show that will hit the History Channel, shortly after the elections in the fall of 2020. All of which will require us to have the hottest hotties in front of the camera introducing the various segments. And if All Girls Garage, Overhaulin and such can have hotties that can work a wrench why not us? And that’s what we are casting for.

Now here is a big he and or a he to she question. Why is it that sooo many really knock down drag it in the mud super foxes that cruise FB, honor a friendship request, yet will hardly if ever say good morning? In my view If your not going to extend the hand of friendship, don’t say or accept a friendship request. Course I’m a guy, and from some of the comments I see on the pantyhose and other pages I glean camera ideas from, the guys are always saying things that would make any and I mean ANY super fox run. Thing is too, the models on those pages and in those groups, have no idea their being featured. Most of those photos are being swiped from porn sites and the pages and groups are usually, not always, but usually are created by some horny idiotic male corpuscle praying to get lucky. Why look at some of these photos and get all mushy over someone you in all likelihood will never score with or even meet. I’d rather take my chances on the who’s and who’s not in my own area, that way I know them, not just want to know them, dig what I’m saying? Or if I’m zeroing in on someone that could be a mate for me, I’ll take my chances on the honeys at Church, while there’s not many singlet’s there , there are a few, even a few that could be great eye candy on TV, two of which I have interested. Then there’s these honeys sending me inquiries on our TV Model gig ting we got going on our FB Page for Southern Xposure. They send me their name, but no photo, no contact information, nor do they take the time to drift over here to the Wolf’s Den to sit and chat to be pre screened. Nope, Which is why I don’t pay, or Boost ads any more on FB. Somebody really needs to create a serious talent agency. I’d do it, but it would look like in reality this big bad canine ready to consume Little Red Riding Hood. I need a sweet looking honey to front such an endeavor . Which is one of many things I’m trying to pitch to that Krista in Buhl. Now to top this off , even if, prey tell, by a miracle of the hidden spirits, I did get lucky to do more than smooch a toe, etc, it’d be damn near impossible. As of yet have not been able to replace my bed. See when everything fell apart in Jerome a year ago this month and I moved into the Old Towne for a needed roof over my head, I left my bed that the Ward in Wyoming bought me. All because of one feminazi, from Florida, that by baby steps am creating distances from, as that is the common denominator to a heap amount of the junk I have been through. Had Shell, not been in the pic, Athea Marie and I could have put a lot more of a something together, and that’s the short list. Then there was that Theresa down Hollister way. $200.00 a month all everything paid, and possibly some chemistry there. Nope Shell threw a fit. Then I tried with Tinisha, over in Burley, that went to a dead end. The only way I can push back from that Shelly table quickly is for some sweet honey, with a solid income , that combined could build the bridge. Until then its slowly backing away from that Shell, disaster. Any volunteers want to hold my hand? More this afternoon.

L8R Taters, and Aviators.

Sit down and Have a CupMe Wolf4


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