The Wonders of Nature.

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Was perusing my FB feed again, and saw Bri Eggers had posted a grand photo of an even grander sunset. Some day, some way I might get to meet Mrs. Eggers, but for now I’m content. Of course I could hurry that meeting up, by getting off my butt and cruising to Boise, but just to meet her is a bit too much $’s spent for minimum return.

When it comes to sunsets, I have seen many from the seat of an aircraft cockpit. But none as stupendous, as one I saw about a year and a half ago. I was sitting on my tiny stool in Wendell Idaho, and the sky had turned to a fire deep burned orange. The clouds were reflecting the sunset and it was awe inspiring. My tiny camera on my older LG phone caught most of it, but I could not figure out how to, then, upload it. This is why I love trucking, riding a bike, and mostly flying. What your windshield and limited view on the ground, gives you is no match for the view I get at 20,000 feet, plus. Once above cloud ceiling, it’s a whole new scene to comprehend. Getting my pilots license at age 13, even when I wanted to give up, my Dad kept pushing me. Got me enrolled in the Junior CAP, program here in Twin Falls. But even before that, living just outside the rear gate of HAFB Utah, going on base with dad on the weekends, and getting to spend time in albeit primitive today, still those simulators, were a blast. Climbing up that long ladder to the control tower and watching and learning. Aviation was , is and forever will be part of my life. But there are those hours and days, when Nature gets mad and snows and its TOO cold to fly. So to make ends meet, its Radio, and Toewing. In all cases I’m blessed. Want to see wonderful sunsets? Learn to Fly.

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