Even if you went there, could you get in? And we could keep 4 attorneys busy for the next 10 years.

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Good news, good news as ole Roscoe would say, We finally have a shop. That means Cooter’s Kustmz, where its not Customized, its Cooter-ized, will be headquartered. That handle to light our candles was not meant on purpose. A great friend and current Sub charter President, Tommy Pistone, of Utah came up with that, quite by accident, following a slight incident with a power drill, my hair, and me under the dashboard of good ole LexiBelle. We were on one of his Dad’s service calls, and nearly sideswiped and I said I could fix that. Tommy said naw its not Customized, its Cooter-ized. Which started a slight revolution. Another is about to happen here. The very shop, the same location, and all where LexiBelle and I became entwined, and where we first met, was , I repeat, WAS for rent, its now ours.  So begins a new day.

I always am amazed at how little perusing that the supervisors at Facebook is at looking over Pages and groups and the titles of everything. I was looking over Google for one of our old sites and Blogger pages, and found that in deed SouthernSteele Media had been swiped right out from beneath us. So some re-engineering, and HazzardSteele Media and Broadcasting is now our handle there. But I still wonder, is there anyone looking over things at Facebook there? Do they even consider there might just be a page and/or group with that name on their social site? I have often thought about making the trip to Facebook’s HQ , walking in, with a 4X8, stick like in Walking Tall, and planting that piece of cedar on the desk of some geek dork at Facebook, and saying, now punk, fix my account. The first question is would that do any good? And too, would you even get past the security rent a cop, there? With all the copyright infringements going on with a myriad of our Club owned enterprises, the Knyte’s could get at least 4 attorney’s and keep them busy for the next 10 years, suing people as well as the trade unions and so on, for allowing someone to swipe our company’s names. I saw where some dillweed had set up a page called the Wolf Pack. Really, a obvious copy of ours. Can’t people just accept failure and know that is ours, and maybe come up with something original on their own? Why copy our stuff? So then.

Cooters Kruisin Header1Been working on coloring for a stretched out chopper trike, and the color chosen by the client is Taupe. Ever try to match the color taupe? It’s a lot of tans, browns, and yellows. Going to lay that down over a black pair of fishnet stockings to give a kind of spider web look. This is not the first time, I have been perplexed, by color choices.

A few years ago, when I saw the movie Driving Academy, I saw a tow truck on there that was a hot pink, yellow with a rally checkered flag going down the body line. So I went to a auto paint supply store in Pocatello, to find that pink. It was called Pussy pink, ever try to match pussy pink? No color chips were even close, there was only one way to match that color, and thankfully there was a younger college aged front counter girl there who, without much prodding, peeled off her bloomers and parted her vulva cheeks so we could match that shade of magenta pussy pink. I don’t know which was more embarrassed or what ? Me or her. Or both? We matched it as an acrylic enamel, with about 10 coats of clear. Some of that coloring, can still be seen on good ole LexiBelle, if you look carefully. But it’s only the tip of the nipple of what the Hazzard Knytes have done since our founding and I’m as proud as I can be. Much of the growth this city of Twin Falls, and surrounding area, is due to our mini trick kustm, club. Every custom show since the first Hazzard Nationals in Pioneer(Hazzard City) Park, in Hagerman(aka-Hazzard) Idaho, has been mirrored of what we did. We flat wrote the book on hot rod , street rod custom shows . We started with 15 of us, 9 of the what is known as the 1st 9, crammed inside a small burger joint in Hazzard called the Polish Palace,(now the Snake River Grill) that has grown into just under 2 million members around the world, much of which don’t readily admit it, and those who do remember are not always keen to remember. Much of that had to do with the slight invasion and short intrusions into rare un treated female parts. There are quite a few of the local gals near my age whose hubby’s and Daddy’s are not that fond of the Club. No one ever violated or forced ourselves on any woman. However, its amazing how uninhibited many get after a few bottles of Everclear and Boons Farm Wine, does to the resistance. When we engaged our own radio station, in 1984 much of which was done, because other stations including several that I interned at, didn’t want anything to do with anything Hazzard or the Confederacy. So we did ours up, on our own. Since then , like so many things, every one of the rest of the local radio outlets followed suit. Now they are doing racy radio too. It’s not because we have loads of money, it’s not that we’re always smarter, its because we have something much more compelling, its called Hazzard County Tenacity. Or in my Mom’s words, want to get on your feet? Get off your butt. So in closing, If you really did, take the time to drive to California to FB’s HQ, could you get past security, long enough to go up to some snot nosed college dork geek, and smack him(or Her) in the jaw and, say, “ now punk, fix my account” could you?  More this evening its sleepy time for me.

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