When Towing went Hollywood.

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At what point are you allowed to back hand a child? No, not kill it, but enough to announce and show you are serious and that you mean business, to shut the —- up. Got a neighbor upstairs that God, and I am thanking God, are moving out my months end, but my nerves are about fried.  So bleeding out the last two cans of Skoal, I have left, thank God too, that the pay day is end of next week, and depending on what or what not that Shelly does, we’ll see what shakes. Been having dreams of Utah and Wyoming. Video, docudramas and all, which brings me to my topic here. Back in 79 80 somewhere, when we were building on the foundation of an old Church TV outfit, I pitched to an associate that what needed to be was a series about us who tow. After all, besides the fictional, Adam 12’s, Squad 51’s which every department in the nation had to have at least one of, Rescue 911, and so on, there was one part of that equation missing, us who have to clean up the mess, so I approached several studios, and would find the same opinion, the thing would fall flat, that there was no interest in the day to day or hour by hour happenings of a tow service. Fast forward, SpeedVision aka, SpeedTV comes to cable. First was the show Wrecked that featured O’Hare Towing of Chicago. Then there came LizzardLick, and so on. Guess my concept was sound, just I wasn’t the one with the J-Lo ass and Deep Throat, to pitch the ideas to studios and networks. Until now. As it is we here at Toew Bro’s and all have formed HazzardSteele Media. Which is working, to establish not only 4 channels of our own, but place shows on others. Highway Thru Hell, and one of our namesakes, Heavy Rescue 401, can’t have all the fun. Course that’s what I say too about some of our Church’s members and polices. I saw where the concept of personal unification and family crap, was all so important. Reality? What I see is people because they can’t smoke, chew and drink to relieve pleasure. go for carnal pleasure. Which results in mini and not so mini same last name militia’s called families. Which they can’t afford. Church members driving dang new rides, if not new, living in homes that are way too expensive. Question is why? Who are they trying to impress? Other Church members? Convince others if they live a certain way that God will love them more? Quite simply, when it comes to earthly riches the Lord couldn’t give a Rat’s ass if you have a Gazillion dollars or , just one penny. Its how you act and respect others that’s important. Tow people know the act of follow through. Failure and Closure are not options. If others followed that path, developed something we like to call in my company, Hazzard County Tenacity. Maybe this Trump card or cards would not be playing out the way they are.

More this evening.

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