Ah quit your winning. Get off your butt, get out of the rut.

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Every day, I see on social media channels like facebook, people on there bitching and crying about how bad their life is. Hey myne is no bed of roses, or as it was claimed in biblical scripture , land of milk and honey. But I get up every day, put on my pants, although they could go to the laundry, I zip up, and make waves and cut the crap and sift through the chaff,. I make my own luck, my own bucks and when the cash stash is low or even lower, I walk over those hot coals, save a bit, and find ways around problems. I see so many of these really hotties on facebook, who look like they could snag the proverbial Prince, yet all they do is get on facebook and complain. My mom taught me one of many sayings, the one that sticks is simple, want to get on your feet? Get off your butt. My Dad had one similar, he said, don’t bitch, elect to fix. He always said that the same hand that’s pointing at someone else has three fingers pointing back at yourself, don’t like something? Change it. We started a mentorship program on several of our Facebook Pages and in our groups. One of the core parts of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack, has always been to educate the ignorant. Starting in January 2020, I begin the studious adventure of getting my teaching degree. Specializing in History, mainly American History. What better way to bring in the knowledge of our Confederacy and the war of northern invasion into schools? Than to go to work for a school and have that as the core of your curriculum? We can change things as humans we are intelligent beings. To ignore our abilities to educate the very youth about civil responsibility is a sin that will be looked at by God as a very wrong sin. After all, aside from being a 1%’r , Jesus was also a teacher. To follow in his shadow and sandal prints, means to reach out, and educate the multitude. Who better to do that, than the Knytes-of-Dixie as well as the AyreWolvez Aviation Association? Never bite the hand or fingers that will feed you, and don’t ignore or close the door of a person trying to grab you by your belt loops and guide you. Quit winning.

L8R Taters.

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