Towing has taken me a very long way, but going towing wasn’t my first choice as a career.

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I never considered a 25/7/366 day career running a towing service. I had three other choices. The first was hanging a badge on my breast and doing the cop thing. I hung around cops and dispatchers all over the area, learned what they knew and how they did it. But it became obvious with my dislike of any kind of body building I wouldn’t do that. Course later in my mid teens I did the Marines and that really was body building. Then got turned onto radio and broadcasting, did that well, but got bored. Of course even as early as 6 years old, all I wanted to do is fly. With hanging with military pilots and being around aircraft since Dad was doing that, But life more over our Destinies. It was a early Saturday morning in 1975 just before my Birthday that year. We were visiting my cousin Judy and her hubby Rod. One of their friends was named Steve, who owned Steve’s Texaco, aka Steve’s Towing, of Ogden Utah. This Saturday morning I was going to see a honey of my young Wolfpup years, but Steve’s 1 ton was parked right behind my old Dodge. Steve said you want it moved, you move it. Key’s are in it. So I went out to that old tow truck, fired it up, but all of a sudden there was so much light filling that cab, I couldn’t see outside. An inner peace came over me, and a voice said to me, this is what your meant to do. After that all I ever dreamed of, was going towing. Then came that morning while I was home on leave from basic of the Marines, Dave Coffelt of Valley Towing & Radiator of Twin Falls, and that’s when I first fell in love with her. Her red paint, marker lights and the white vapors coming from her pipes, I knew she was it. So I followed Dave to his shop(the one we are about to occupy) talked good, and said if he ever wanted to sell her, I wanted her. Two years later I came home to help Mom, and in the mail was a letter from Dave, he said he was buying a newer truck, and LexiBelle was for sale. $9500.00 . So Mom, myself went over to South Park in Twin, and between a loan from Mom, and what I had from the Marines, and I was the new owner of LexiBelle. We’ll have more in the afternoon , with photos of our new place, it is the  very place where me and LexiBelle LexiFyre2 first joined souls.

Now with that let’s get frisky.

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a year and a half ago, there was this gal named Trista. who signed up to  be one of our feature models for our video / TV ad’s for HazzardAyre Radio. There was excuse, after excuse, after excuse. PoohBear and I agreed that was not going to connect. Several times there has been conversation on FB about her jumping in with us, but it only goes as far as Facebook. There have only been two of our talents that never got to the goal line, one was Angel, and the other was some seat cover from American Falls. There was one from Wendell that was working out well, plus her husband and I got along well with common interests. Had it not been for some next door neighbors and a few across the street from me at the time, the entire operation could have been a kick ass operation,. But I’m getting sort of off course here. I truly hate it when the sweet cheeks contact me on FB or online, say they’re going to show for an interview, then don’t show. I’ll be damned if I’m going to schedule up a videographer, plus take one of my trucks or one of Jared’s out of circulation or spoof up the studio for a session, if they can’t even show up for a simple meet and greet. Look the needs are out there. While towing has got a shot in the arm thanks to the Weather Channel’s Heavy Rescue 401, and such, but the information centers for Confederate Studies and heritage are even more crucial. Truckers are getting pinched and the profession and trust me grinding gears long haul, like towing IS A PROFESSION !! The days of a free cup of java and respect from cops is pretty much history. We are fighting for our careers and our industry and our own radio/TV gig is the platform of which our fight lives on. But to get folks to give attention to our InterWeb radio station and all we need to extend ourselves to other media, like Sparklight Advertising on local TV, etc. To make sure our ads are seen, read, and digested having some lady eye candy, is essential. Thus we recruit talent. This is not a me get with honey to make out on the sofa gig. This is business. In Wendell Idaho, as well as Jerome, I rushed things and muddied up things, long before the crop had germinated properly. I have taken a year off of that to bolster my towing business and get Hazzard County Choppers back in business. Beyond that I have neglected the Knytes and the WolfPack. NO MORE,. But if you want to work for us, don’t tease. Do or don’t, no maybe, no in between, no I’ll try. Now that I’ve got things together, I’m busting my butt to get my dear friend Rick from Evanston over here, get the members of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack back in sync, yet all we get is women, on FB and elsewhere that love to tease but never will convert. Look we turned this valley upside down, and much of the growth and prosperity being enjoyed here is because of us.

Not too long ago, I was referred as to being a pervert. Yes perversion. Which if one looks up the word in Webster’s, you find, that Pervert or perversion, is basically a rebel, one changing the normal , the word has little if anything to do with sex. To me sex is as useless as a bucket under a bull. I have no reason for it. I’m too old to father a child, plus my nerves would never handle it. Relationship on the romantic mating scene for me is a dead end road that only delays my and the organization’s agenda. I have no use in it. I just don’t want it. This time of the year, only thing on my mind is going towing. Thanksgiving is just that for me, thanking my Heavenly Father for hos gifts to me, and this year on many occasions that miracle has taken place. I have my mate. She’s in Florida, and as soon as she gets out of the hospital after we get her mind reprogrammed her and I will get hitched. But I need to make money, the Knytes/WolfPack, needs to generate money. Female human eye Candy can do that. If the station is going to be live 24/7/365 it needs honeys in the cockpit of the studio. Some of our older sponsors, like Deere and Company and a few others have pledged their support once we get this thing pumping oil again, so I’m serious. And I have no time, for Trista’s and others that just want to tease. Then don’t bother us. I remember when Erin and I had everything firing on all cylinders in Gooding in 2009. We had puss galore. But a asshole property owner gave us the boot, due to us bitching about heat/AC, and a shitter that didn’t work too good. Shortly after HazzardAyre was conceived and has become a powerhouse. Many of that babes on parade, who signed up with us in Gooding left us, yet once it got firing again, they wanted to come back. I do not rehire deserters. Many do not add up the $’s involved. A working even part time job, generates on a days video session puts $5k, in their wallet tax free. About half that doing on air radio. Yet there’s hesitation. Why?

Any mile it’s my lights out time, Church and all in the morning. But while just about every radio station, in the area is reducing staff, while all too many industries are going under, ours stays operational. Why? Because of that little trait we operate with, its called Hazzard County tenacity.

L8R Taters.


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