You just don’t do shyt on Monday’s if you toew.

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If you toew for your living, you just flat don’t do shyt on Monday. In fact the only thing I do on Monday’s is go down to the yard, release impounds from arrests of the weekend after I collect tow and storage fee’s , take that to our bank make the deposit, and then go home and watch CPD on USA-Cable Net. I sleep early then hit it hard on Tuesdays. Hair salons and barbers used to be that, but now that has become so specialized that you are hard pressed to find any kind of barber shop, open any time of the week, if there is even a regular barber shop in your town. I remember just before I got tossed from the Evergreen in Burley by the greedy pigs that manage that, I went all over Burley trying to find even one barber shop open.  Or even that existed. I finally cruised over here to Twin to get my hair cut, well my head shaved anyway. So really on Monday’s I do nothing, except kick back and replenish my body’s natural resources. I really believe in the 4 day work week, but just in reverse, I believe in taking Monday’s off but, bust ass on Friday’s, even Sunday’s except during Church hours.

Excuse me, but do I really stink stinky skunkthat bad? I suppose so, but thing is while it is a sort of excuse, the thing of going to a public laundry, to wash my clothes, putting up with a deep pool of Mexicali’s and their 6 per mother familia’s is not at the top of my list of weekly tasks. Second, while I most could afford a washer dryer, how would I  get it here to the house? After all its taken 2 weeks or so to get a real bed, due to assholes who still have my tools, and the rest of the radio gear, messed up Mini Wolf LiL Dixie profile, so no truck, and getting a rollback into the alley by where I reside, is a real challenge. So in short been wearing the same britches for nearly two months, unwashed. This is really a hassle.

Speaking of trucks. Talked to , well, texted Rick via FB LexiBelle is okay and secure, except, over in Wyoming she’s not making me money. So plan is, shortly after the holidays going over to fetch her, and replenish and restore LexiBelle to her near original self.

Last but not least, I really want to see a law enforcement body, aggressively pursue justice like I see on SVU, as well as CPD. Without worrying about being sued. Even when the perp, swears to a cop, that she or they don’t have my things, yet, through some work by PoohBear, found they infact have it, in ransom for the 10k they say I owe. The search for a pro bono, attorney to prosecute this bunch of con artists , that hold my stuff, which is against the law, eventually crap is hitting the fan, so if one wants to wonder why things are grinding slow,  that’s it.

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