Did you see that? TV is really skimming the bottom.

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Did you see that? NBC for a lack of much of anything, aired a whole hour of some gig to honor Dolly Parton’s 50th Anniversary with the Grand Ole Opry. The guest of but two were looking including Dolly herself at a sorry attempt to rekindle an already expired career. Hey I love grand old Original Kountry Music. Dottie West, Conway Twitty, Porter Wagoner, etc, and of course Waylon. Which is something that really irks me. We have seen all the salutes and bio films of every single Kountry artist, except 1. Waylon Jennings. Oh yea we saw the flick with Reese Witherspoon as Lady Carter, but there wouldn’t have been a Johnny Cash, after his chemical breakdown and collapse if Waylon, hadn’t nurse the drunk back to health. No disrespect to JC, but Waylon should be spotlighted. His rendition of the theme of the Dukes, remains the highest selling single in all of music both Pop and Kountry. But I regress and am getting off course.

TV here lately and it really don’t matter none who or what old series they drudge up, still the unearthed series’ are not as good as the original. Even worse, the series’ that should be rebooted aren’t getting done. Hollywood, as well as major Film studios are not taking any chances. It’s only if what ever it is sells a big box office, that all of a sudden interest is shown to doing a series out of it. Besides AirWolf, that we are working on currently. As well as our original that will be a 2 hour docudrama film detailing the real founding of the Knytes, still B.J. and the Bear, Movin On, just to name a few. Could you imagine reboots doing, House, and even rebooting HeeHaw, maybe even Petticoat Junction. Place it in the modern era, but with the keys that we all know. No, TV would rather dig up the junk, on the bottom of the fish tank of programming, and only book a small circle of A-list actors. Example; I’d like to see the Daisy Duke, Character that April Scott April Scott 3daisy at the barApril Scott as Daisy Dukeimages as in my opinion, imo April portrayed the Character much better than even the original. Of course I’m a Hazzard County purists, but that said, seems that all the original characters of that series are too busy trying to make a lottery sized cash in, of the original story line, rather than adhering to the morals and episode writing of Uncle Jessie’s life lessons. We need to take TV out of so much big city and inner city hood environments, and get back to a bit more rural, in the sticks environments. Might open the door to youth loving both God and nation, rather than shrugging their government.

Busy day, chatted with PoohBear, and now that I have a groovy bed again, I love using it. Beats sleeping completely on the floor, with the bugs and mice.


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